Middle East

When you tell your friends and family that you plan to travel to the Middle East, you can expect the same remarks: “what about terrorists?”, “isn’t it super dangerous there?”, “are you crazy?!” It’s always best to do your own research and while some areas of this region aren’t traveller-friendly, for the most part it’s one of the safest and rewarding places you can travel. Ignore everyone else and find out for yourself.

Middle East Travel


10 Reasons To Travel To Turkey

Turkey ranks at the top as one of our favourite countries to backpack through. It’s one of the cheapest countries in the world and it also has some of the best cuisine. We were only going to spend three and a half weeks there but ended up spending five weeks! There’s so much to see ...
Travelling to Central Asia: Pressures Of The Planning Process

Travelling to Central Asia: Pressures Of The Planning Process

We have 3 months left before our teaching English contract here in China is up and we’ve officially started planning for our next trip! It’s turning out to be quite the process. We knew that travelling to one of the least touristy regions on the planet would present some difficulties, but it has still surprised ...
Our Next Trip is Central Asia: The Most Epic One Yet?

Our Next Trip is Central Asia: The Most Epic One Yet?

We’ve been living in China for 7 months now and we’ve started getting The Travel Itch. We need to get going again. We need to get on the road and experience new things. There are people in the world who can live their lives, working all year and taking short 2 week vacations. Some people ...
Turkey Travel Guide

Budget Backpacking Guide To Turkey

Turkey is perhaps one of the great under-rated travel destinations of our time. Sure the west is a popular tourist destination frequented as a party holiday for many European travellers, but the east remains an untouched, authentic world which beckons adventurous backpackers to explore. This is one of the cheapest countries to travel and it’s ...

Budget Backpacking Guide To Egypt

This is the ultimate budget backpacking guide to Egypt, a place filled with backpackers who are seeking out excellent adventures on a budget. Egypt has it all, from The Great Pyramids Of Giza to the lost oases in The Great Sand Sea, this is a place where backpackers can really explore and fulfill their wandering ...

Travelling to Istanbul, Turkey

We left Tbilisi, Georgia at 11:00 am on July, 5th and prepared ourselves for a gruelling 26 hour overnight bus ride to the Turkish Capital, Istanbul. Within the first 10 minutes, to our relief, the air conditioning started pumping and the long journey was actually very comfortable; as you can see by the flattering pass-out-pic ...