Middle East

When you tell your friends and family that you plan to travel to the Middle East, you can expect the same remarks: “what about terrorists?”, “isn’t it super dangerous there?”, “are you crazy?!” It’s always best to do your own research and while some areas of this region aren’t traveller-friendly, for the most part it’s one of the safest and rewarding places you can travel. Ignore everyone else and find out for yourself.

Middle East Travel

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Esfahan, Iran: Taking Hospitality to a Whole New Level

When it comes to hospitality, generosity and kindness, the people of Iran rank at the top of the list. When we were out in the middle of nowhere in the Desert of Garmeh, we met a lovely couple who gave us their number after only 5 minutes of knowing them. They said to call them ...
Shiraz: Pushing the Boundaries of Islamic Law

Shiraz, Iran: Pushing the Boundaries of Islamic Law

Shiraz is one of the most famous cities in all of Iran. Before the Revolution of 1979, people here sipped on fine Shiraz wines, recited poetry from the famous poet, Hafiz, explored the arts freely and enjoyed a more western way of life. Nowadays, the vineyards growing the famous Shiraz grapes have been destroyed. Hafiz poetry ...

A Cave Village & Persepolis: Iran’s Ancient Achaemenid City

After a crazy few days in Kerman, we headed for Shiraz, the cultural and artistic capital of Iran. Because of the ceremonies for Ashura, buses were not running for 3 days, so we had to hire a taxi to take us. In most countries, a 9 hour taxi ride with 2 stops along the way ...
Kaluts in Kerman

Exploring Culture and The Kaluts in Kerman, Iran

We spent 3 nights in the city of Kerman and had a very memorable time with the local people, while experiencing the religious ceremony of Ashura first hand. As we’ve said before, it’s the little things in travel that really bring us joy and our time in Kerman was a prime example. Initially, we decided to ...

Getting Lost In Yazd: Iran’s Ancient Mud City

After 3 amazing days in the desert oasis of Garmeh, we headed off to Yazd, the center of Zoroastrian culture and unique ancient desert architecture in Iran. Taking the taxi in from the bus station, we already had a good feel for what the next days would have in store. The sprawling old town was ...

Ashura: A Month Of Sadness & Self-Flagellation In Iran

Have you ever considered hitting yourself with chains to remember a man who died 1333 years ago? This may sound strange to non-religious Westerners, but to the majority of Iran, it’s an annual occurence. The mournful, melancholy parades and nation-wide sadness is called Ashura (or Muharram) and it is all in memory of the death ...