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Starting a blog is easy. Building a blog to the point that it can actually earn you a full-time income takes time, patience and practice. These posts will show you exactly how we grew this blog from $0 – $25,000 per month in revenue and how you too can utilize some key strategies to make more money from your own blog.

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5 Ways Travel Bloggers Are Earning More Money Than Ever Before ($1 Million+/year)

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around whether or not it’s worth it to start a travel blog in 2023, and whether or not it’s still possible to turn a travel blog into a business. This is a lot different from the chatter surrounding the job just a few years ago. As travel bloggers ...
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10 Reasons To Start a Second Blog in 2023

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that we started a second blog back in 2020, and currently, we run 6 blogs in total with 4 of them doing quite well (check out this income report or our 2020 blog). Starting our first blog (the one you’re reading now), was the ...
How to Make Money With a Travel Blog

How To Make Money With a Travel Blog (15 Methods That Work)

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, but it’s true. And after all of that time learning how to make money with not just one, but multiple travel blogs, I’ve decided to finally write this post on how to make money with a travel blog this year. Let me tell ...
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How Blogs Earn $1,800 Per Month With In-Content Ads

People have always been asking us “how do blogs earn money” and we always say that you really need to diversify in order to make money from a blog, which is true. But these days, traffic = money so as soon as a new blogger starts getting a bit of traffic to their site, they ...
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How To Build a 6-Figure Blog in One Year

Back in April of 2020, I wrote a post all about how I started a new website during quarantine. I started this new project at a time when this website, Goats On The Road (our baby for the past 8 years), was suffering greatly due to COVID. Saying it like that makes it sound as ...
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How Much Money Can You Make From a Travel Blog?

If you’re thinking about learning how to start a travel blog then one of the first questions you probably have is “How much money can I make from travel blogging?” Your second question will probably be “Is there still room for new blogs to earn money, or is the market too saturated?” And lastly you’re probably ...
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