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Alex is a former lawyer and lifelong lover of off-the-beaten-track travel. He is the founder of Just Go Exploring, a blog that aims to make adventurous travel accessible to all. As well as blogging, Alex works as a freelance travel writer, personal trip planner and travel consultant. He has a Law Degree from Oxford University and is a full-time digital nomad. Alex has lived and worked in many places around the world. Cities that he knows particularly well include London, Oxford and Mexico City.

  • Local Of: London, UK (although now a full-time digital nomad)
  • Expert of: London, Oxford, Naxos, Mexico City, Puglia
  • Travel Style: Midrange/Flashpacker, Foodie, History, Wildlife, Nature, Hiker, Roadtripper
  • Traveling Since: 2011 (full-time since 2022)
  • Favorite Destinations: Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Portugal, Albania, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey
  • Backpack or Suitcase: Suitcase for long-term travel, Backpack for shorter trips
  • Window or Aisle: Window
  • Bus or Train: Train
  • Education: University of Oxford

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Alex’s Expertise

Alex has independently traveled to over 70 countries in the last 12 years. He has traveled the whole length of Africa overland from Cape Town to Cairo, visited most countries in Europe, driven a beaten-up 20-year-old car from the Middle East to London, trekked in the Himalayas, and camped in more incredible places than he can remember.

Since the beginning of 2022, he’s been traveling full-time as a digital nomad. Alex used to be a corporate lawyer. He’s very glad that he isn’t one anymore. 

Alex Around The World

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Alex’s #1 Travel Tip

Don’t overly plan. Some of Alex’s absolute favorite moments and experiences when traveling have happened totally spontaneously, in places that he’d never even heard of the week before.   

An itinerary that’s too fixed can be a major drawback. It’s good to have a vague idea of where you want to go and what you want to do, but avoid having a schedule for every day. Alex tends to book the first week or two in advance, then do the rest on the fly.

That way, when someone gives you a recommendation for an awesome-sounding place that you hadn’t previously heard of, you can go there. And the more flexibility you can build in, the better. 

If it makes you feel better to have more concrete plans in advance, at least try to build in a period of time (whether a few days or a few weeks) that you don’t plan before you leave home. Alex thinks it’s an amazing way to have more fun, spontaneous, and meaningful travel experiences.

Alex’s Favorite Food

After a long day of hiking, you can’t get get better than a large plate of Tibetan momos – both the steamed and deep-fried variety, served with fiery dipping sauce. You can find them all over the Himalayas, and the best ones he’s ever had were in Darjeeling, in North East India.

Favorite Travel Experience

During a trip to Ethiopia, one day I turned up at the Somaliland border and managed to talk my way in, despite not having a visa. The border guard was very curious and excited for me to see his country. So, he phoned his boss’ boss, who sorted all of the paperwork and made it happen.

At the time, I had no idea that foreign bank cards didn’t work in Somaliland. However, I only found this out after I’d hitchhiked all the way to Hargeisa, the capital city. I didn’t have any other cash on me either, nor a place to stay the night – it wasn’t ideal.

Long story short, I was able to borrow 100 USD from a kind Kenyan guy staying at one of the only guesthouses in town. I then had to open up a Somali bank account the next day and transfer money into it via Western Union, so that I could finally withdraw cash. It took a while. 

Moral of the story: always travel with some backup cash, you never know when you might need it. (Somaliland is also very cool!)

Where Have You Lived?

Worcester, Oxford, and London (UK), Mexico City (Mexico), Himare (Albania), Gurubebila and Hiriketiya (Sri Lanka), Villeréal (France), São Pedro do Sul (Portugal). 

Funny Travel Quirk

Alex travels with a tent and a sleeping bag whenever possible. Partly, this is because he enjoys camping. But it’s also an amazing way to save money while travelling, especially if you can find somewhere to pitch up for free.

He also loves to surf, snorkel, and swim in the sea but is terrified of sharks whenever he’s doing it. He knows it’s irrational.

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