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Living on the southern Caribbean Island of Spice for the past four months has been fantastic, and it’s not over yet! We still have another three months of living in the tropics, which we’re very much looking forward to.

This is our first time pet-sitting abroad and it’s been a wonderful experience. Our lifestyle here is relaxed, peaceful and calm – which is exactly what we were looking for when we agreed to come to Grenada. We are now into the rainy season, which has completely brought the island to life! Everything is so lush, vibrant and green.

Mornings are spent watching hummingbirds flutter by and slowly making our coffee and breakfast before starting work. We work online for two hours before breaking for a walk to the next beach with Spare Dog and a quick swim in the sea.

Afternoons are spent working some more before quitting for the day and taking Spare somewhere further away, usually for a car ride and another hike. Our evenings are very quiet. Often we’ll have a BBQ, play cards, watch movies and enjoy a glass of wine. The sound of crickets and other jungle bugs is deafening – but is a noise we’ve come to love.

Weekends are our “days off” and we try to explore somewhere new in Grenada, or revisit some of our favourite spots. We love going for sunset, lazing on the pristine beaches, enjoying happy hour at the beachside restaurants and going for long jungle hikes. There are so many things to do in Grenada, we’re never bored!

Here are some photos that will hopefully give you a better idea of what our life in Grenada is like! Enjoy.

living in grenada
The gorgeous Grand Anse Beach
living in grenada grand etang
Lovely bamboo at Grand Etang National Park
Click Here for a quick video of our visit to Grand Etang National Park
living in grenada st george's
View of the colourful, capital city of St. George’s


expat in grenada
Enjoying a morning coffee here at Petit Bacaye
Click Here to watch a GoatLife TV episode of our morning coffee
fruit in grenada
We have a huge selection of tropical fruits in Grenada and they are Delicious!
beaches in grenada
One of our favourite jungle walks…leading to the beach that you see in the next picture!
beaches grenada
We call this “driftwood beach” for obvious reasons. We love the hike in and there is never anyone else around!
living in grenada markets
Buying fresh fruit from the weekend market in St. George’s
bars in grenada
Enjoying a rum punch on our 7 year anniversary at Umbrellas Bar
grenada levera beach
Spare looking out to Levera Beach at the very North end of the island
food in grenada
A local favourite – chicken roti
sunsets in grenada
Colourful sky above our cottage
beaches in grenada
Spare attempting to fish at a small bay!
hiking in grenada
Another favourite hike is to the blowhole – this area reminds us of South Africa!
church in sauteurs grenada
A picturesque church in the town of Sauteurs
grenville beach grenada
The three of us at Grenville Beach
wine grenada
Enjoying a bottle of red at full moon
morne rouge beach grenada
We think Morne Rouge is the most beautiful beach in Grenada!
Click Here to see our Morne Rouge GoatLife TV Episode
fiddler crab in grenada
A big Fiddler Crab in our yard
hiking in grenada
Nick summoning the sea!
pet sitting in grenada
Me and Spare during a walk to the nearby point
bbq in grenada
We love BBQ’ing in the late afternoon
chocolate in grenada
Organic, locally made, dark chocolate! We eat way too many of these bars to count…
living in grenada
Views from the north of the island during our drive around Grenada
Click Here to watch a video of our drive around Grenada
waterfalls grenada
The refreshing 7 Sisters Waterfalls at Grand Etang National Park
plants in grenada
Bright Bougainvillea plants
mt carmel falls grenada
Nick cooling off at Mt. Carmel Falls
hog island grenada
Harbour looking out to Hog Island
buying fruit in grenada
Every Tuesday and Thursday fresh fruits and veg are delivered right to our doorstep
food in grenada
Yum! Flying fish with carrots & passionfruit, beets, potatoes, veggies and salad
pet sitting grenada
The best part about living in Grenada?…SPARE!

There you have it! Some amazing photos of our life living here in Grenada. To read more articles about our pet sitting adventures in paradise, click here.

Does Grenada look like the kind of place you could live? Do you have a favourite picture? Share with us in the comments below!

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Living In Grenada: Our Life in Photos

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15 thoughts on “Living In Grenada: Our Life in Photos

  1. It looks like you guys are living it up! And what better place than Grenada to dog-sit the world’s cutest dog? I love seeing all the different things that Grenada has to offer. The waterfalls and beaches are gorgeous. And it must be pretty awesome to have fresh produce delivered to you every week. Looks like a good life to me 🙂

  2. Granada looks amazing! That’s nice that you have fresh veggies delivered to your doorstep. How are the seafood options like?

  3. Thanks for the comment Justine 🙂 He really is the world’s most perfect dog and this is such a gorgeous island, we’re loving it!


  4. The seafood here is delicious. Mahi mahi, marlin, tuna, lobster, conch and more! Not everything is in season though 🙂

  5. Two questions ,do you live there all the time and how much a month to live .

  6. Hi Leon,

    We are living here for 7 months. Check out this article we just wrote about the cost of living in Grenada:


  7. Hello! Thanks for the great pictures. I am on the island now and will stay for some weeks. My wife and I will start a three day island roundtrip tomorrow. Could you please let us know where to find the hikes for “driftwood beach” and “blowhole”?
    Maybe you can create a marker on or give me a good description that we can find it?

  8. Hi Jochen…I’m not sure how to tell you the way to those two hikes! The Blowhole is in Fort Jeudy, while the bamboo beach is near La Sagesse 🙂

  9. What a wonderful place to settle for a while! It looks like you two are enjoying a very relaxing life. And Spare is soo cute!

  10. Spare Dog is the best 🙂 We’ve since left Grenada, but will be returning in June!


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