Kenya is a fascinating country of diverse landscapes and cultures. From the bustling, edgy and somewhat dangerous hub of Nairobi, to the immense open savannah of the Masai Mara, this is a country that delights visitors at every turn.

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Watamu beach

15 Best Things To Do in Watamu in 2023

In this article, I'll share places to visit and things to do in Watamu, including exploring coral gardens and relaxing at pristine beaches.

15 Best Restaurants in Mombasa in 2023 (Top Places to Eat)

Mombasa is a top travel destination in Kenya thanks to its historical sites, exquisite holiday resorts, and beautiful beaches. It’s also an excellent place for nightlife and life-changing culinary adventures. As a local who’s extensively explored its food scene, I am delighted to share the best restaurants in Mombasa. I’ve visited Mombasa numerous times for ...

15 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Nairobi in 2023

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a delightful journey through the best coffee shops and cafes in Nairobi, where you can enjoy the finest brews, delectable bites, and a taste of the city’s warm hospitality. These cafes offer a unique blend of experiences, flavors, and aromas that are sure to satisfy your caffeine ...
where to stay in nairobi kenya

Best Time To Visit Nairobi (Weather and Costs)

In this article, I’ll take you through the best time to visit Nairobi, one of the best places to visit in Kenya. I’ll focus on various seasons based on weather patterns and cost considerations, drawing from my extensive experience as a longtime city resident. Nairobi has been my home for over a decade. This East ...
best nightclubs in nairobi nightlife in nairobi

15 Best Clubs in Nairobi in 2023 (Nightlife in Nairobi)

In this article, I’ll share some of Nairobi’s best bars and clubs, showcasing the various options for an unforgettable night out in Kenya. These clubs range from stylish lounges and rooftop bars to classy nightclubs with dance floors that awaken your inner party animal. The Nairobi night scene comes to life when the sun sets ...
thatched resort in malindi with palm tree umbrellas

15 Best Things To Do in Malindi

There are plenty of unique things to do in Malindi. A small town along the northern coast of Kenya that’s rich in history and culture. It’s also known for its beautiful beaches and rustic beach hotels, making it one of the best holiday destinations in Kenya.  While in Malindi, you can visit a museum, go ...