Africa is one of the most raw and fascinating continents on the planet. A place where lions and elephants from free. Where tribes and traditions still exist as they have from thousands of years. A landscape that’s as diverse as it is intimidating. This is Africa. Everyone should visit this continent at least once in their lives.


Young giraffe in Nairobi National Park, Kenya.

25 Best Things To Do in Nairobi, Kenya

Also known as The Green City under the Sun, Nairobi is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. It’s a vibrant capital that’s home to a mixture of wildlife, nature, and cultural heritage. With a national park situated on its outskirts and many things to do nearby such as visiting the Giraffe Center or ...
safety tips for a south african road trip

12 Top Safety Tips For a South African Road Trip

Renting a car in South Africa is a must! Not only does it end up being the cheaper option than local transport, but it gives you the chance to be spontaneous and have the freedom to choose where you want to go, when you want to go. Some people might be a bit wary about ...
morocco travel

Photographing Morocco: Tips on Etiquette and Technique

Morocco is a beautiful and extremely photogenic country. Bustling markets, ancient medinas and incredible landscapes all lend themselves to amazing photographic opportunities.  But before your snap-happy self steps off the plane in any exotic locale, it’s important to consider the finer points of the place, culture, landscape, and people that will hopefully be revealed to ...
The Exquisite Architecture and Irresistible Cuisines of Morocco

8 Highlights of a Trip to Morocco

Morocco is one of those dreamy destinations that pulls you in with vivid images of colorful souks, exotic culture and a diverse geography. The most popular and talked about destination is the bustling city of Marrakech, but if you are adventurous enough to stray off the beaten path you will find the many other treasures ...

The Sickest I’ve Been: A Tale Of Nick’s Worst Travel Illness

A life on the road isn’t all beach bars and hammocks. We’ve had some really trying times in our (almost) 5 years of travel and if you’ve been on a long trip before, you know that getting sick is all part of the fun. We absolutely hate being sick, but when you’re travelling in developing ...
We Were Stranded With No Money In Morocco

The Day When… We Were Stranded With No Money In Morocco

It was mid-March 2011, and it was already hot at 9 am at the Casablanca Airport. We had been in Morocco for 3 weeks and were more than ready to head to our next country, Egypt. We were prepared and had everything in order for our flight. We were at the airport early, probably earlier ...