Digital Nomad Lifestyle

A Digital Nomad is someone who leverages technology in order to work remotely and live a nomadic lifestyle. This is the ultimate way to be location-independent! Here we share our expert advice for “digi noms”. You’ll find articles about the costs of living abroad, guides to various countries that are suitable for digital nomads, and must- have items for this lifestyle.

guide to living in bariloche as a digital nomad

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Bariloche

In this complete guide, you’ll learn what it’s like living in Bariloche, Argentina as a digital nomad.  Located in the Lake District of Patagonia on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche (full name, San Carlos de Bariloche) has always been a popular destination for domestic travellers, South American visitors, and those coming from further ...
best jobs for digital nomads

7 Best Jobs For Digital Nomads: Get Paid With These Remote Careers

There are plenty of great jobs for digital nomads to choose from. If you’re the creative type, you can work in graphic design or start a blog. Those who enjoy interacting with and helping people might want to get into teaching a language online. For those who are technical, you could work as a programmer ...
Living in Seoul, South Korea

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Seoul, South Korea

If you’re thinking about living in Seoul, South Korea, probably the first things that come to mind are mobile phones, K-pop, North Korea, and Netflix’s hit series, Squid Game. After living in Seoul as a digital nomad for a year, I discovered that there is infinitely more to that country than the few things Westerners ...
digital nomad guide to living in Stuttgart, Germany

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart has always been a considerable destination for nomads. However, many people often get confused about how to plan their stay as a digital nomad in Stuttgart. After all, there are so many cities in Europe and Germany as well where you can work as a digital nomad. So, why should you opt for Stuttgart? ...
pros and cons of living in mexico

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Mexico

As with any country in the world, there are both pros and cons of living in Mexico. The pros of living in Mexico are seemingly endless, and in many cases well-known throughout the world: friendly people, great weather, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food. Regarding the cons of living in Mexico, many are common to the ...
living in Denver

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is a true mountainside paradise and is just at the foothills of outdoor adventures galore, with the Rocky Mountains only a 30-minute drive away. However, there are pros and cons of living in Denver that you may not have realized. I’ve lived in Denver for a year so far and I have loved ...