Getting Started

Getting ready to embark on an epic journey around the world can be a daunting task. The Goats On The Road are here to help. We’ve done it… multiple times, and in this section you can get a little help from experienced travellers. Even if you’re already experienced, you’ll still find some new ideas here.



How To Find Apartments

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Apartments Around the World

As digital nomads, we’re constantly travelling and staying in hotels and hostels, but once in a while we like to slow down a little bit, get an apartment and live like a local for a while. Having a “home” in another country is just as rewarding as travelling, if not more so. It gives us the ...

The Best Ways to Backup Your Photos and Why You Need to

When it comes to backing photos up, many people seem to have a fly by night, devil-may-care attitude. “It’ll never happen to me” or “I’m careful with my phone/camera that I take them on.” are common sentiments. And I must admit, up until a few months ago when we received the proverbial kick up the ...
travel apps

Essential Travel Apps to Use on the Road

When you’re out exploring the world a smartphone can help to enhance your travelling experience if used in the right way. We always aim to strike a happy balance between using our smartphones and experiencing the places that we have travelled so far to see. From helping you stick to your travel budget to avoiding ...
why we're still travelling in our mid-thirties

Why This UK Couple is Still Travelling in Their Mid-Thirties

When we first went travelling together all the way back in 2005, it was the thing to do at that time in our lives. We had just graduated from University and most of our friends were also packing backpacks for an exciting nomadic adventure. After years of hard work and study we can understand why ...
Classic Taxi Cuba

How To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Taxi Drivers

From New Delhi to Sydney, every city has its fair share of taxi drivers intent on ripping off tourists. That’s not to say that all taxi drivers are bad. In fact, we have met some great taxi drivers during our travels. But we have also had the occasional bad experience that reminds us to stay on ...
8 months on the road 3 life lessons

8 Months of Travelling, 3 Life Lessons Learnt

Before embarking on our travels with just a one-way ticket, we had no idea what the future held for us. We thought we were well prepared for travel and ready to conquer the traveller-blogger world, and enjoy every single day. With the highs and lows, we revelled in every moment of the 8 months of ...