Getting Started House Sitting

This section of our blog will help you with everything you need to know about getting started with House Sitting. From creating your profile, to finding your first job, you’ll find it all right here.

Luxury house with a view that you can get house sitting around the world

5 Luxurious House Sits That Transformed Our Travels

House sitting changed our lives. Ever since the very first sit we did on the tiny Caribbean Island of Grenada back in 2014, we’ve always been amazed at how luxurious some of these homes are and we still pinch ourselves that we not only stayed for free, but in some cases, were sometimes even paid ...
Painted carboard house in a child's hands. Useful to construction concepts.

How to Become a House Sitter in Costa Rica

In this article, I’m going to outline everything you need to know to become a house-sitter in Costa Rica. There are numerous websites available to budding house-sitters, and it’s important to know how to utilize these. House-sitting offers a unique approach to traveling, enhances your experiences, and can save you a fortune in accommodation costs. ...
The young woman is looking for the best house sitting websites on her laptop with a dog on the couch

10 Best House Sitting Websites

House sitting is one of the greatest ways for travelers and digital nomads to explore the world on a budget. But, before you head out on the adventure of a lifetime, you first need to find the perfect house sitting job on one of the best house sitting websites. I’ve been house sitting for years ...
Virtual house sitting interview

How to Prepare for Your House Sitting Interview (and Nail it!)

House sitting and pet sitting are two of the best ways to travel the world on a budget and see destinations you’ve always imagined visiting, cuddle with some adorable animals, and immerse yourself in different cultures. But, in order to start, you’ll need to get hired. Learn how to prepare for your house sitting and ...
The homeowner is giving the house keys to the house sitter.

How to Write a Standout House Sitter and Pet Sitter Profile (+Examples)

Before you can land your first house sitting job, you’ll need to create a phenomenal profile that will catch homeowners’ eyes and attention. House sitting is a great option for travelers searching for a budget-friendly way to explore the world, or if you dream of spending weeks or months in a luxurious villa in the ...
A heartwarming moment between a pet sitter and her furry friend - this cuddly duo is proof of the joys of pet sitting!

41 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Pet Sitting and House Sitting Job

Before you start accepting house sitting jobs, it’s crucial that you ask potential pet and homeowners the right questions. This will ensure that both you and the owners are on the same page about expectations, duties, daily routines, and what to do in the case of emergencies. If you’re a keen traveler or digital nomad ...
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