Getting Started House Sitting

This section of our blog will help you with everything you need to know about getting started with House Sitting. From creating your profile, to finding your first job, you’ll find it all right here.

luxury house sitting job

5 Easy Ways to Find Luxury House Sitting Jobs

Welcome to the world of luxury house sitting. Can you envision yourself lazing by a pool in a Costa Rican villa? Or spending a month in a penthouse overlooking Chicago? How about looking after a few dogs in a Spanish vineyard, or a French chateau? All of this is possible without paying a dime for ...
a pet sitter with a dog and cat

How To Become a Pet Sitter in 2023 (5 Simple Steps)

Learn how to become a pet sitter in this article. Enjoy the company of a furry friend, while receiving free accommodation on your next vacation. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash, or seeking ways to reduce housing costs, pet sitting is a rewarding job that I highly recommend. Pet sitting allows you to ...
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How To Become a House Sitter & Get Free Accommodation

Learn how to become a house sitter in this complete guide. Can you imagine yourself spending a month in a Spanish vineyard, lazing by a pool for days on end? Or how about spending a few weeks with an adorable kitten in a comfortable New York apartment? I’m here to tell you that both ideas ...
Best place to find house sitting jobs

How To Find a House Sitting Job & Get Hired Today

Today, everyone wants to find house sitting jobs or find a sitter for their house. House sitting is one of the best ways to enjoy free luxury accommodation all around the world, but finding a house sitting job definitely isn’t easy. We’ve personally found house sitting jobs on the beach in Grenada, near sugar plantations ...
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How To Join Trusted House Sitters & Get Your First House Sitting Job

Trusted House Sitters is the #1 most used and trusted house sitting website online and we’ve personally used it to land amazing pet sitting jobs in Costa Rica, the UK, Grenada and Barbados. There are hundreds of new listings popping up every day and while you can view some of them, to see all of ...
House Sitting: Frequently Asked Questions

House Sitting: Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a buzz going around the internet about the new traveller’s craze, pet and house sitting. But, what is house sitting? What does a house sitter do? Are there house sitting fees? How do you become a house sitter? This article will not only answer questions about the concept of house sitting, but also help ...