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This is our journey and our story. Here we share articles that follow our personal adventures around the world. You won’t find any “how to’s” or “5 reasons to travel” posts here. This is only blogs about our experiences and life on the road. Want to know what we’re up to right now? Read stories about our travels here and also subscribe to our Facebook, YouTubeInstagram & Twitter.

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Our First Impressions of Morocco

Ahh Morocco… still deciding if I like it or dislike it. In our experience, people can be rude, and even aggressive. But they can also be nice, generous, and hospitable. The latter being few and far between. The other travellers here are a mix of posh Europeans and dreadlocked hippies. The new cities or “Ville ...
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Where’s The Challenge?

We’ve done our time in England travelling around on busses and trains, slept at our hospitable friend’s house and travelled around the country with relative ease. We flew to Spain and took busses to our Marriott resort. We’ve taken busses to other cities in Spain and spent the day, ordering food and asking for directions, ...

Estepona & Ronda: Our Travels

February 11 – 18 / 2011 There’s not too much to write about our time spent in Spain. We had an incredible resort thanks to Tom, Kathy and Interval timeshares! A beautiful Marriott Resort that is far more luxurious than any regular resort you can imagine because it can’t even really be classified as a ...

How Can We Make Our Way Around The World, When We Can’t Even Get Out Of London?

Honestly, you would think we were rookies or something. All we had to do was take a bus from Brighton to London, an underground train from one stop to the next and then a bus to York. When it came time to find the bus to York, we were running around totally lost. We didn’t ...
Brighton & London- Let's Stop In For A Pint

Brighton & London: Let’s Stop In For A Pint

Well, the plan to get up at 3:00am (to avoid jet lag) for 3 days before flying out backfired…horribly. We got on the plane and couldn’t sleep at all, it was so uncomfortable, the lights were on practically the whole time and we were much too tall for the seats! However, we arrived in England ...
our first backpacking trip to southeast asia

Our First Backpacking Trip – Where It All Began!

Our travel life began long before Goats On The Road was born, and because of that, we don’t really have any stories from our First Trip. We constantly refer to “our first trip” or “when we first started travelling” on this site, but where did we go? What did we do? When did we do ...