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Need to know how much money you’ll need for your trip? Want help to save big bucks both before leaving and while on the road? There are a lot of great hacks, methods and tricks that you can use to put more money in your bank before your next big trip. These posts will help you out!


how to travel the world when you have no money

How To Travel The World When You Have Absolutely No Money

You don’t have to be rich to travel. In fact, if you’re extremely savvy in your approach, you can travel with no money at all. If you’re lacking bucks in the bank but you want to hit the road, then this article will help you hack your way into a life of travel, without having to ...
save money accommodation travel

5 Ways to Save Thousands of Dollars on Accommodation Costs

One of the big budget eaters when it comes to travel is accommodation costs. In third world countries, a private room may be $20 / night, while in developed countries, expect to pay $60, or more, for a double room. If you plan to travel the world for a month, or a year, those accommodation costs ...
how to save money for travel by travel hacking

How To Travel Anywhere For Less Than $100 A Week!

This article is by our friend Will over at, an awesome website dedicated to budget travel and incredible escapades around the world. Will travels on the cheap (and I mean cheap) without sacrificing fun and adventure! He can travel for $100 a week. Read on to learn how you can too, and check out ...
10 Travel Tips For Saving Money

10 Travel Tips For Saving Money

There are loads of tips for saving money while travelling. We’ve extended our trips 2-3 months longer in the past by following these simple rules. Travel doesn’t need to be expensive! We’ve come up with this list of our favourite ways to save money, we hope it can save you a few bucks too! Here ...
daily budget for travel

Our Daily Budget For Every Country We’ve Visited

We’ve travelled through 35 countries and kept to a very typical backpacker budget in all places. We thought we’d share with you our individual cost summaries for every country we’ve visited along with a quick breakdown of expenses. We have a very comfortable travel style, but we always opt for the cheapest double private rooms ...