South America

From the humid jungles of the north to the dry landscapes of the south, this continent has it all. Whether you’re interested in the great outdoors, dining on world-class food, or chillin’ out on a beautiful beach, you will find it in South America. Brush up on your Spanish and Portuguese, pack your hiking boots and get ready for a wild ride.

backpacking guide to medellin colombia

Backpacking Medellin, Colombia: A Beginner’s Guide

When we were planning our backpacking trip through Colombia, we decided to fly into Medellin first and start our journey from there. This was our first time in Colombia, and actually, our first trip to South America. Medellin is a city that we were very excited to travel to, but were a little unsure of as ...
travelling to medellin our first impressions and experiences

Travelling to Medellin, Colombia: Our First Impressions and Experiences

Off-the-beaten-path adventures, rugged landscapes, unique cultures and bustling cities. This is just a fraction of what South America has to offer travellers. All of this sounds fantastic, so why had we never set foot on this continent during our 8 years of wandering around the world?! For whatever reason, when it came to travel planning, South America was ...
Easter Antigua

Experiencing Easter in Guatemala – With No Bunny in Sight

Growing up in Canada, Easter consisted of waking up, grabbing our colourful baskets and setting off to scour the backyard for plastic eggs filled with jellybeans and chocolates! The commercials on TV always had a cute, furry bunny hopping around, and the malls were filled with eggs and bunnies in candy form. When we moved out to ...
Airbnb Coupon 2018

Our Digital Nomad Lifestyle On Lake Atitlan

We’ve now officially been living in Paxanax on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for over a month and it’s time to share how we feel about this place. We’ve been so busy getting caught up on our projects and other work that we haven’t really written much about our life here on the lake. Well, I have ...
travel to Costa Rica

5 Reasons Why We’re Excited To Visit Costa Rica

Ever since we began travelling, we’ve been on the hunt for lush jungles, eco-lodges, beautiful beaches, pristine coral reefs, friendly people and delicious food; and from what we’ve heard, Costa Rica has all of that in spades! However, we’ve also heard mixed reviews about Latin America’s green nation and while we’re excited to visit, we do ...
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