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As soon as the owners of B&B Cancun, Peter and Veronica, picked us up at the airport, we knew we were going to get along. Peter, a Canadian and Veronica a Mexican, had met a few years back and they welcomed us into their home like family.

This B&B only has 3 rooms and the rest of the home is shared between guests and the owners. It’s very much like a homestay, which we LOVE! When we arrived at the B&B, we were given the option of a beer or margarita for a welcome drink and seeing as it was not quite noon, we opted for the beer!

We were then shown to our room and left to relax and unpack at our own pace. There was no long check-in procedure or pushy receptionist, just a huge bed and a shower with our names on it!

The Rooms

Every room at B&B Cancun is tastefully decorated with nice, modern furnishings. Our room however, was a cut above the rest! A huge king size bed filled one side, with a soft down comforter and huge fluffy pillows. There was a large LCD TV mounted on the side wall and  it hung over the bed slightly.

Colorful pictures adorned the walls and a huge closet and armoire was there to hang all of our clothes. The bathroom was clean and spacious and the shower had a massive rain shower head. As we looked around the room, we were astonished that this was all offered for just $65 USD including breakfast! Amazing.

Our Room
Our Room

The Bed

We don’t normally have a full section in our Accommodation Spotlight series’ for the bed, but this mattress deserved it! With the soft, high-thread count sheets and pillows and a thick pillow-top mattress, when we lied on this bed it felt like we were sleeping in a cloud.

Truly remarkable. Next time we’re in a cheap hotel with thin pillows and a springy mattress, we’ll be thinking back to the 5 star sleeping conditions at B&B Cancun.

The Staff

Well, the staff are the owners here and Peter and Veronica are delightful. They knew everything about the area and helped us whenever we needed it. They are also a very interesting couple. Peter originally came to Mexico on a one week all-inclusive holiday and after meeting Veronica, he decided to move down south.

Since then the two of them have travelled around Mexico, Canada and the States and opened a very successful B&B together. They have some pretty fun stories and they’re a blast to hang out with.

The Amenities

There is a beautiful pool in the backyard and it is surrounded by a colorful beach mural. Peter often jokes that you don’t need to be on the beach if it’s painted on a wall in front of you. Breakfast is served every morning, and it’s not just the normal fare.

You can have bacon and eggs with fruit and coffee, or take your pick from many traditional Mexican specials like Molletes and Chilaquiles.

B&B Cancun also offers a pick-up from the airport for just $20, which is a fraction of what a taxi costs to get into town. The TV’s in the rooms have a few channels but they have a bunch of DVDs for guests to watch for free.

Cancun B&B

Just outside the front of the house is a small walled courtyard with a few tables and chairs and a BBQ. The living room is also large and comfortable and guests are allowed to relax and watch satellite TV there.

The Location

If you’re looking for a place that’s right in the middle of the action, you may not be pleased with the location of B&B Cancun, but if you want to be in a residential neighbourhood in Cancun with local neighbours, tasty traditional restaurants and just a short 20 minute bus ride or 40 peso taxi into town, then this B&B is perfect.

We do like to be walking distance from the center of town, but it wasn’t a hassle to walk outside and catch a bus. They are frequent and don’t take long.

The Cost

This is where Bed & Breakfast Cancun blew us away. The value for money here is incredible. You get to stay in a stunning home with a huge room, TV, hot shower, pool, breakfast and a bed to die for and it only costs $65 / night ($60 for 1 person).

Discounts are offered for longer stays and they even throw in a free welcome drink. We’ve spent $65 in many places around the world and it has NEVER gone this far. Truly an excellent deal.


9 Stars

We will definitely recommend B&B Cancun to anyone looking to visit Cancun and doesn’t want to have the typical stuffy hotel or resort experience. We felt like we were staying at a homestay with a welcoming couple who treated us like family.

You won’t find this great of value for money anywhere else in Mexico and the sleep quality was top-notch! We probably would have given this B&B 10 Stars if it was a little closer to downtown, but other than that it was near flawless.

Don’t let the location stray you from staying here though because buses are fast, frequent and they’re a fun way to get into town. We are hoping to return to B&B Cancun when we head back to Cancun after Isla Mujeres.

More About Bed & Breakfast Cancun: Cancun Map

SM 525 M 21 L 31 Calle Rio Elba, Santa Fe Plus,
Cancún Quintana Roo, México
CP 77534

Email the Inkeepers:

Peter – Canadian / Veronica – Mexican

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“Accommodation Spotlight: Bed & Breakfast CancunA Review of Bed & Breakfast Cancun“Review of Bed & Breakfast Cancun

Dariece Swift author's bio Goats On The Road

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  2. sorry, forgot to ask the question 😉 do you guys think it’s safe in Cancun to visit the place with my wife and one kid? 🙂

  3. Peter only stayed in Cancun after his one week vacation because the police kept him there. That’s when he met Veronica. I went there for a vacation with him. He is a drunk and is violent when he drinks. I hope that Veronica doesn’t experience the blood and bruises that I went through. @ Veronica, please leave when he starts.

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