Africa is one of the most raw and fascinating continents on the planet. A place where lions and elephants from free. Where tribes and traditions still exist as they have from thousands of years. A landscape that’s as diverse as it is intimidating. This is Africa. Everyone should visit this continent at least once in their lives.


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Our First Impressions of Morocco

Ahh Morocco… still deciding if I like it or dislike it. In our experience, people can be rude, and even aggressive. But they can also be nice, generous, and hospitable. The latter being few and far between. The other travellers here are a mix of posh Europeans and dreadlocked hippies. The new cities or “Ville ...
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Where’s The Challenge?

We’ve done our time in England travelling around on busses and trains, slept at our hospitable friend’s house and travelled around the country with relative ease. We flew to Spain and took busses to our Marriott resort. We’ve taken busses to other cities in Spain and spent the day, ordering food and asking for directions, ...