India is chaotic and calm. Crazy and peaceful. Wild and free. Third world and developed. The contrast of this country is what makes it so amazing. This is the pinnacle of travel. Most people who travel to India both love it and hate it, but the former keeps them coming back time and time again. We count ourselves in this group as well.

India Travel

india travel

How To Prepare For Travel In India

India is no walk in the park. You can’t (or shouldn’t) just pack your bags and head here without at least knowing a bit of what to expect. Travel in India can truly be a highlight of your trip if you plan your trip properly. There are numerous things to think about and we recommend doing ...
budget backpacking guide to india

Backpacking India: The Ultimate Budget Guide

Backpacking India is the ultimate experience. The flavours, the culture, the people, the colours, the history, the sites, the beaches, the wonder and the chaos all combine and explode in the face of visitors to the sub-continent. There is just something about Backpacking in India. It’s so wonderfully different that you will have all of ...
Yoga In Rishikesh, India: On The Banks Of The Ganges River

Yoga In Rishikesh, India: On The Banks Of The Ganges River

 “You don’t have to stand on your head to be a good person” – Mattaji  Ever since our last trip, and ever since reading Eat, Pray, Love, I have been interested in spending some time in an Ashram and doing yoga in India. We were heading back to India, one of our favourite countries. A country ...
Jaipur, India - Exploring The Pink City

Jaipur, India – Exploring The Pink City

“We all travel thousands of miles just to watch TV and check into somewhere with all the comforts of home and you gotta ask yourself, what is the point of that?” – Leonardo DiCaprio, The Beach – After Delhi we headed for Jaipur, The pink city of Rajasthan. We have been to Rajasthan once before ...
Backpacking India: Our Trip to Delhi

Backpacking India: Our Trip to Delhi

We flew to Delhi, preparing ourselves for the worst kind of hectic. This would be our third time backpacking India and somehow, on the previous two visits, we had managed to avoid this infamously chaotic city. Even India veterans have told us that Delhi can be a challenge.  It’s an incredibly chaotic city… and we ...
our first backpacking trip to southeast asia

Our First Backpacking Trip – Where It All Began!

Our travel life began long before Goats On The Road was born, and because of that, we don’t really have any stories from our First Trip. We constantly refer to “our first trip” or “when we first started travelling” on this site, but where did we go? What did we do? When did we do ...