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Here you will find all of our posts from Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent. We’ve spent over 3 years in total travelling this region and consider ourselves to be Asia experts! It’s probably our favourite continent to travel (so far) and we can’t wait to return. For individual countries and other continents, refer to Our Destinations Page.

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Budget Guide to Backpacking The Philippines

The Philippines is a place that manages to remain off of the average budget backpacker’s Southeast Asian itinerary, which is a surprise because it is a great place to travel. Cheap internal flights link many of the 7000+ islands and good local transport can get you around the islands once you’ve reached them. This is ...
budget backpacking guide to myanmar

Budget Backpacking Guide To Myanmar

Myanmar has recently become the most searched country on this website, so we thought a Goat Guide was in order.  We hope this guide to Myanmar will help out all those people who plan on visiting this amazing country. In this Goat Guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Myanmar. How much ...
Yangon For Budget Backpackers

Go To Myanmar Before It’s Too Late!

“This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.” -Rudyard Kipling, Letters from the East (1898)- Things are changing everywhere in the world, but perhaps this global metamorphosis can be best portrayed in Myanmar, where tourists are flooding in as the travel barriers are being broken down. With every government sanction dropped ...
Visas In Southeast Asia

10 Reasons To Travel To Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is still budget backpacker’s territory, where voluntarily homeless souls wander the endless coastlines, trek through the dense jungles and indulge in the delicious cuisines. A trip through Southeast Asia is often a right of passage into the big wide world of travel and makes for a great first, or one-hundred-and-first trip. Some people mistakenly ...
Where To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Resting Between Travel Days

The flight from Clark in the Philippines to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was one of the most turbulent we’ve ever had!  Other than that, it was pretty uneventful.  We arrived in the city we know and love in the afternoon, took the bus into town, then the metro train to the area we stay in, ...
The Philippines For Budget Backpackers

The Underground River in The Philippines – A New Natural Wonder Of The World

We ended up spending 14 glorious days in El Nido and didn’t see a drop of rain. The weather was spectacular, the sunsets extraordinary, the diving and snorkelling exceptional, and the local rum was delicious! It was a perfect little town. There wasn’t too much development, it wasn’t overrun with tourists, the locals were friendly ...