A Drive Around The Isle Of Spice

Driving in Grenada – A Road Trip Around The Island

We’ve been pet sitting in Grenada for 2 months now and the time has flown by! We’ve shown you our temporary dream home, but we haven’t shown you around Grenada itself. So, last weekend we drove around the 34 x 19 km island and made a short video along the way to give you a good idea ...
living in grenada

Living in Grenada – Our Caribbean Paradise (With Video)

As if out of nowhere, the sea abruptly ended and land appeared under the wheels of our aircraft. The plane gently touched down on the tarmac and we both looked at each other with huge smiles, we had finally arrived in Grenada and we were about to see our temporary dream home for the next 7 ...
grenada Our Caribbean Paradise

The Highly-Anticipated Journey to Our Caribbean Paradise

The moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived! This was the day we were to fly to our new home in Grenada. We had been thinking about this day ever since Shiraz, Iran, when we were offered to come to this West Indies country and pet-sit a divine dog named Spare. After enjoying ...