Europe is blessed with having dozens of diverse nations, cultures, architectural styles and types of cuisine, all crammed into a (relatively) small space. Travelling around the continent is a breeze and while it’s not the cheapest place to travel (it’s more expensive the further west you go), it’s definitely worth every penny.

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Close-up view of espresso pouring from the espresso coffee machine into a coffee cup in the coffee shop.

15 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Cambridge, UK

I grew up and spent most of my life living just a few miles from this world-famous University city, and in this post, I’ll share with you the 15 best cafes in Cambridge. Whether for a weekend getaway or something a little longer, it’s such a wonderful place to visit and I highly recommend it ...
The wooden lighthouse on the beach at sunset.

10 Best Beaches Near Bath, England (by Train and Car)

Although Bath isn’t located directly next to the sea, it is a great starting point for accessing some picturesque and pristine beaches by car or train. In this post, I’ll take you through my list of 10 of the best beaches near Bath. Located in the southwestern side of England, Bath has great transport links ...
Scotch whisky, tasting glasses with variety of single malts or blended whiskey spirits on distillery tour in Scotland

15 Best Bars in Liverpool (Cool Places to Drink)

Liverpool is one of my favorite cities in England for nightlife. There are many things to do here at night, but one of my favorites has to be checking out the bar scene. From rooftop views to quirky cocktail menus, the best bars in Liverpool all serve up something different, and each makes for a ...
Albert Dock on the waterfront, as well as a boat dock on the side river. Buildings in the distance.

Weekend Break in Liverpool: The Perfect 2-Day Itinerary

A weekend break in Liverpool is a must-do, no matter your interests. Filled with historical buildings, fun activities, epic bars and restaurants, and great nightlife; there’s something in this lively city for every type of traveler. The city is relatively small but has plenty to do, and you’ll find that you don’t need more than ...
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15 Romantic Things To Do in Bath

This beautiful and historic southwestern UK city is full of fun activities from interesting, interactive museums to spectacular sightseeing. The great restaurant and bar scene also makes it an ideal destination for an intimate break, and within this post, I’ve put together a list of 15 of the most romantic things to do in Bath ...
A canal, as well as an old building with trees on the side

15 Best Hikes and Walks in Bath, UK

Having recently spent the summer pet-sitting in this historic city, enjoying the range of hikes and walks that were available in the area, I’ve put together a list of the 15 best walks in Bath, UK. Bath sits in a beautiful part of England and attracts a large number of visitors every year. Visitors come ...