Europe is blessed with having dozens of diverse nations, cultures, architectural styles and types of cuisine, all crammed into a (relatively) small space. Travelling around the continent is a breeze and while it’s not the cheapest place to travel (it’s more expensive the further west you go), it’s definitely worth every penny.

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Travelling in Europe: Highlights From Two Months On The Road

Travelling in Europe: Highlights From Two Months On The Road

As of today, we are exactly two months into our Europe trip! It’s hard to believe that just two months ago we were lazing on Puerto Rico’s lovely beaches, and before that, pet-sitting in Barbados and Grenada. Prior to arriving in Europe, we had spent the past two years travelling and living in tropical countries, ...
Travel Macedonia - A cheap European Country

North Macedonia: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Macedonia (FYROM) is one of the most scenic Balkan countries and in this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about travelling in Macedonia. Nestled in between Bulgaria, Serbia & Kosovo to the north, Albania to the west and Greece to the south, this tiny mountainous country has a lot to offer travellers. From ...
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Acclimatizing to Albania: A 10 Day Road Trip

Albania is a place that just a few short weeks ago, we really knew nothing about. We arrived to the nation’s capital of Tirana at night – after a 10 hour bus ride from Skopje, Macedonia. That first evening we really didn’t get to explore much, but the excitement of arriving in a new country was ...
Road Tripping Macedonia: Visiting Lake Ohrid and Mavrovo (With Video)

Road Trip North Macedonia: Visiting Lake Ohrid and Mavrovo

When we were preparing for our trip to Eastern Europe, finding information online about various places in Macedonia (FYROM) was a bit difficult, as this part of the world is still relatively off-track. The Balkan nation of Macedonia is lesser-known than many other countries in the region, but even though it’s small in size, it’s jam-packed with activities, nature, ...
Our 3 Days in Skopje - Macedonia's Controversial Capital

3 Days in Skopje – North Macedonia’s Controversial Capital

We had much to learn during our time in the Balkan nation of Macedonia, and if we can give you any advice before travelling here, it would be to understand the dispute about the country’s name! Did you know that there are many conflicting opinions between whether the country is called Macedonia, or FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic ...
Planning a Road Trip to Stonehenge

Planning a Road Trip to Stonehenge

For tourists, the most iconic vision of England is probably split between Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and Stonehenge. Locals often refer to the 5,000 year old pre-historic monument as simply “a pile of rocks”, but for visitors, historians, and entomologists, it’s so much more. Stonehenge![/caption] Once at the site, you will be given an audio ...