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House Sitting is an excellent way to extend your travels and live like a local. These posts will help you to get started with house sitting and show you how to better utilize this awesome service. Finding free accommodation with Trusted House Sitters is easy. There are literally hundreds of opportunities sent you your inbox every month! Seems too good to be true? It’s not. House sitting changed our lives and it can help you stay in beautiful homes, while caring for loving pets, for free.

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5 Luxurious House Sits That Transformed Our Travels

House sitting changed our lives. Ever since the very first sit we did on the tiny Caribbean Island of Grenada back in 2014, we’ve always been amazed at how luxurious some of these homes are and we still pinch ourselves that we not only stayed for free, but in some cases, were sometimes even paid ...
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6 House Sitting Disasters and How to Avoid Them

House sitting is a fantastic way to travel without the hefty accommodation expense. Of course, there’s always the possibility that something could go wrong. I’ve had many amazing experiences house sitting but in this post, I’m going to tell you about my 6 biggest house sitting disasters to help you avoid them during your own ...
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8 Expert Tips for Landing a House Sitting Job

If you’re looking to enhance your travel experiences, whilst saving a fortune on accommodation costs, house sitting could be the perfect solution. Knowing how to find and secure the perfect postings can be tricky. But, by following these handy tips you could very quickly be living the house sitting dream. 8 Expert Tips for Landing ...
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How to Become a House Sitter in Costa Rica

In this article, I’m going to outline everything you need to know to become a house-sitter in Costa Rica. There are numerous websites available to budding house-sitters, and it’s important to know how to utilize these. House-sitting offers a unique approach to traveling, enhances your experiences, and can save you a fortune in accommodation costs. ...
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How to Become a House Sitter in France (Free Accommodation!)

In this article, I’ll be outlining the best ways to become a house-sitter in France. Alongside my husband, Rob, I’ve been traveling the world continuously for two years. I regularly use house and pet-sitting sites to enhance our experiences and keep our accommodation costs down. There are several excellent websites available for house and pet-sitting. ...
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10 Best House Sitting Websites

House sitting is one of the greatest ways for travelers and digital nomads to explore the world on a budget. But, before you head out on the adventure of a lifetime, you first need to find the perfect house sitting job on one of the best house sitting websites. I’ve been house sitting for years ...