House Sitting

House Sitting is an excellent way to extend your travels and live like a local. These posts will help you to get started with house sitting and show you how to better utilize this awesome service. Finding free accommodation with Trusted House Sitters is easy. There are literally hundreds of opportunities sent you your inbox every month! Seems too good to be true? It’s not. House sitting changed our lives and it can help you stay in beautiful homes, while caring for loving pets, for free.

House Sitting: How To Find The Temporary Home Of Your Dreams

House Sitting: How To Find The Temporary Home Of Your Dreams

There’s a buzz going around the internet about a new traveller’s craze called House Sitting. But what is it? How do you get involved and how do you find the perfect home? This article will not only attempt to answer questions about the concept of house sitting, but also help you to find the perfect ...
Visiting Canada: Our Whirlwind Trip Home, and a Giveaway!

House Sitting: A New Idea, A New Lifestyle

Our 5 month journey through Central Asia is nearing its end, and as with the end of all of our adventures, there is a new future on our horizon. We have plenty of previous experience with house / pet sitting, but doing it as a career is an idea we first heard of on Nora ...