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This is our journey and our story. Here we share articles that follow our personal adventures around the world. You won’t find any “how to’s” or “5 reasons to travel” posts here. This is only blogs about our experiences and life on the road. Want to know what we’re up to right now? Read stories about our travels here and also subscribe to our Facebook, YouTubeInstagram & Twitter.

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Life Update: Travel Plans and What’s Next?

Last year, we were completely exhausted from almost a decade of moving around the world from place to place. Once we both came to the difficult realization that it was time for a base and that being “nomadic” wasn’t for us anymore, we basically just stayed put for almost an entire year! It was as ...
travel to nova scotia

Travel Nova Scotia: Our Experience On Canada’s East Coast

How much of your home country have you seen? As Canadians who have been travelling abroad for around 11 years, we’ve explored very little of our home country — and I mean very little. Prior to our recent Nova Scotia travels, Nick had only been as far east as Edmonton, and I went to Montreal ...

How We Achieved Location Independence: Our Personal Journey

We’ve written a lot of articles on this blog about travel jobs, how to get paid to travel, where to find remote work and how to make money online, but how exactly did we manage to create a business while travelling the world? How did we go from working 12 hour shifts at our jobs ...
machu picchu hike

Reflections and Highlights: Our 2 Month Trip In Ecuador & Peru

It has been a while since we’ve written a post like this on the blog. Just a good old-fashioned recap of one of our trips. Recently we headed off to explore Ecuador and Peru for almost three months and we had a blast. But why did we choose the countries? Where did we go? What ...
travel announcement for south america

Travel Announcement: South America Bound!

On February 2nd, we’ll be trading in our tropical island paradise for rugged mountain landscapes, ancient ruins, lush rainforests, and Spanish colonial cities. That’s right, we’re heading to South America for the second time. This trip we’ll be travelling around for 3 months while checking new countries off our travel list: Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.  ...
reflections from 2018

Looking Back On 2018: A Year Of Achievements

Another year done and dusted! 2018 may not have been as adventurous or travel-filled as our previous years, but it’s definitely one of our favourites to date, and was exactly what we wanted and needed at this point in our lives. My reflections post from 2017 concluded with: “Going forward into 2018, we have a ...