We absolutely love trekking. From the himalayas in Nepal to the Steppe of Mongolia, we’re all about getting out there and exploring the unknown by foot. Here you’ll find all of our articles about treks that we’ve done around the world, as well as information on how you can plan an epic travel trek for yourself.


hiking in south korea 3 trails you won't want to miss

Hiking in South Korea: 3 Epic Trails You Won’t Want to Miss!

When backpacking in South Korea earlier this year we imagined that we would be hopping from big city to big city, but we soon discovered that the best parts of South Korea are actually in the great outdoors. Hiking is a favourite pastime for South Koreans, and many flock to the country’s perfectly maintained trails ...

Via Podiensis: Hiking the French Camino Trail

Any traveller worth their salt has heard of the Camino – the famous Spanish pilgrimage route running westwards from the Pyrenees to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims have been walking the 780km path for a thousand years, but in the last few decades the Way of St James has exploded in popularity. ...
guide to independent trekking in mongolia

A Guide to Independent Trekking in Mongolia

Mongolia is the world’s largest campsite and to come here without doing some sort of trek, would mean missing out on much of the nation’s connection with nature. Mongolians have lived as nomads for thousands of years and they are very proud of their nomadic way of life. Although they may think you’re crazy if you’re ...
Lake Song Kol: Horse Trekking High In The Mountains Of Kyrgyzstan

Lake Song Kol: Horse Trekking In The Mountains Of Kyrgyzstan

One of the many things we really wanted to do while on this trip through Central Asia was to go on a multi-day horse trek. We had trekked to high altitudes and over passes by foot and now it was time to mount a horse and let him do all the work. We arrived in ...
Trekking To Ala-Kol & Altyn Arashan Without A Guide

Trekking To Ala-Kol & Altyn Arashan Without A Guide

If you’re heading up to Karakol, Kyrgyzstan and you’re planning on trekking to Ala-Kol & Altyn Arashan without a guide, you’ll need a few pointers. This article will help you explore the stunning Karakol Valley without a guide. UPDATE 2018: This trek is now available on the app for your smart device. Download the ...