As the Year of the Goat progresses, certain opportunities have been presenting themselves, while other previous plans have been totally derailed. One of the great joys of working on the road, and working for ourselves, is that we have the freedom to be able to be spontaneous and totally go with the flow when things like this happen.

Unfortunately, we’re not going on a Press Trip to Grenada anymore, one of our perfectly planned house sits in the Caribbean fell through, and we didn’t end up house sitting in Guatemala like we thought…but all of that doesn’t matter!

This year has been great so far with incredible experiences backpacking around Mexico, two months of living on the stunning Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and our spontaneous decision to drop everything and go to Cuba for 3.5 weeks.

You’re probably wondering what us Goats will be up to after Cuba. Our plans include us spending almost 6 months house sitting/pet sitting and living in tropical paradises for free!

From Cuba, we’ll be flying to Costa Rica, here are the details…

Costa Rica (May 17th to June 3rd)

While we were enjoying a particularly lazy day on Lake Atitlan, we received an email from our friend and blogging colleague, Casey. She was looking for someone to take care of their home and beloved puppy, Jack, in Costa Rica while they went away for two weeks. The funny (perfect) thing was that we were looking at flights from Central America to Grenada and found that the cheapest ones were out of Costa Rica.

The home is set in the peaceful jungle, with hiking trails and a river nearby. Just a 15 minute drive and we’ll arrive at the beach in Dominical. They have a motorbike (yay!) that we can use, solid internet and Jack looks adorable.

So, from May 17th to June 3rd, we’ll be living in Costa Rica, seeing our friends again and meeting Jack for the first time, we can’t wait!

house sitting in costa rica
Casey with adorable Jack and their home – look at that lush jungle!

Grenada (June 3rd – July 28th)

Although we were deflated and disappointed about the Press Trip and one of the Grenada house sits not working out, something even better presented itself.

We saw on Trusted House Sitters that there was a house sit available in Grenada from June 3rd (the day we are leaving Costa Rica) to July 28th (the day we are supposed to be taking care of Spare Dog). We had a Skype phone call to meet the owner and after our chat, she decided to hire us to take care of her two dogs, Pumpkin and Macy. The dates line up so perfectly, it’s almost unbelievable 🙂

The home is located on a point in a beautiful area that we know quite well from our previous time spent on the island. The owner seems very nice, the dogs look cute, there’s an outdoor pool, a gardener, someone to maintain the pool, a vehicle available for our use and the home is a good size. We’re very much looking forward to this sit.

There are so many fun things to do in Grenada, we can’t wait to return to explore more! 

house sitting grenada
We can’t wait to meet Pumpkin and Macy!

Grenada #2 (July 28th – November ?)

After our pet-sitting duties with Macy and Pumpkin are completed, we’ll be making our way to Petit Bacaye to take care of “our” beloved Spare Dog! Remember that character that we looked after for almost 7 months last year? How could you forget!

☞ See Also: Mount Cinnamon Grenada – A Luxury Boutique Resort in The Caribbean

We’ll be staying in our seafront cottage again on the stunning garden property and will have a vehicle for our use. We’re looking forward to going on hikes with Spare and catching up with the owners/our friends, Peter and Julia.

house sitting grenada
We can’t wait to see Spare Dog again!

Everything works out

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs so far this year, and we’re only 3.5 months into 2015! Although we felt let-down by the Press Trip and the house sitting jobs falling through, as soon as everything sorted itself out for Grenada, our spirits were immediately lifted.

These three different house/pet sits that we have planned in tropical paradises sound perfect and we’re really excited to see what Costa Rica and Grenada have in store for us 🙂

Want to live in paradise and take care of some adorable pets? Join Trusted House Sitters like we did…we highly recommend it.

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6 Months Of Free Accommodation - Our Upcoming Tropical Paradise Plans

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16 thoughts on “6 Months Of Free Accommodation | Our Upcoming Tropical Paradise Plans

  1. Way to go guys! Glad you’re seeing the positive because it makes you magnetic to better and better opportunities. We are here in Bali now, house sitting to August. As of 2 weeks ago we were all set to house sit in Saipan. After that sit didn’t pan out – the return flights to the Philippines were super expensive – we just took a Mexico house sit during the same time frame. This allows us to go home, visit fam in NJ and then, off to Mexico to start our Central American trip. Enjoy it guys!


  2. What cute puppies …. and you get to live in the Caribbean! You realize how jealous the average person of your lives? 😛

  3. It’s so fantastic to hear about all your plans. Maybe one day Kev will give up the job he loves to do this. One day!

    Looking forward to hearing about your travels.

  4. Cool. Love the housesitting idea. Scary when plans fall through, but glad everything worked out. That’s faith!

  5. Glad things going well in Caribbean. I’m now in Batumi, Georgia, after 2 weeks visiting Istanbul, Konya, Sanliurfa & Diyarbakir. I splashed out in hamans, saw Whirling Dervish’s & Rumi’s tomb. Went to 12,,000 year old temple site @ Gobekli Tepe, & in Diyarbakir, President Erdogan got out of a car right next to me, with many heavily armed police & soldiers. Bus to Tabriz from Diyarbakir goes over a 9,500+ ft pass. Richard.

  6. Sounds like you have a lot of awesomeness (and cute pets) lined up! I love how things always seem to fall into place when you start embracing this lifestyle… 🙂

  7. Everything falls into place when you have positive, flexible attitudes like the two of you. Cheers to your upcoming adventures!

  8. Hi Ryan,

    For sure things always happen for a reason! It sounds like your new plans are great 🙂

    Enjoy yourselves!

  9. haha, thanks Katie! We’ve been here in Costa Rica now for almost 2 weeks and have really loved meeting Jack 🙂

  10. Wow, what an adventure you’re having! It sounds great. We loved our time in Turkey as well.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  11. Thanks Jen 🙂 Same with you two! When you follow your “path” it all comes together.


  12. Hi we are a family of 2 adults and 4 kids aged 10,8,6 and 3 years. Are we crazy to travel around Mozambique ? We would make a plan for a car to get around and probably try to rent a place. The kids like to bushwalk and are up for adventure, in Vanuata they make friends and play soccer all day. Or is Granada a better solution?

  13. Grenada, Mozambique and Vanuatu are entirely different countries. If you’re planning on Moz, I’d suggest definitely having a car as public transport is a nightmare – and I can’t even imagine doing it with kids. Great that they are up for adventure, as Moz has loads of that! I don’t think you’re crazy to go to Moz, but just be prepared because it’s not the easiest to travel around. You can learn more here:

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