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JayDee is a blogger, mom, and physical therapist. Growing up in Montana, she has a passion for helping others enjoy the great outdoors. When she's not writing, you can find her escaping the to the mountains in her camper van.

  • Local Of: Billings, MT
  • Expert of: Montana, Hiking, Family Travel
  • Travel Style: Budget, Nature, Family
  • Traveling Since: 2012
  • Favorite Destinations: Montana, Anywhere along the Mediterranean, the Alps (particularly in Switzerland), and the Rocky Mountains.  
  • Backpack or Suitcase: Suitcase these days
  • Window or Isle: Isle for sleeping
  • Bus or Train: Trains are the best!
  • Education: JayDee of University of Reno (Bachelors) and University of Montana (Doctorate of Physical Therapy)

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JayDee’s Expertise

JayDee’s love for travel began the first time she went to France in high school. She has been traveling the world ever since, and made it her full time gig for a while when she got married in 2013 as a traveling physical therapist- making it possible to visit Alaska and take long hiatuses to explore Asia and more of Europe. 

Now as a mom and professional writer/website owner, she loves to take her girls around the world to gain new cultural persepctives and appreciate this beautiful world. With kids, the way she travels has changed but it won’t keep her from getting out and visiting new places. 

JayDee Around The World

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JayDee’s #1 Travel Tip

Do as the locals do. It can be easy to get caught up in the “touristy” activities in a region, but the authentic experiences lie in conversation with locals and discovering their unique perspectives, ways of cooking, and how they spend/value their time. 

JayDee’s Favorite Food

European bread- and really any of it to be honest (all countries have their favorites), as long as it’s fresh baked and picked up first thing in the morning. For example, we love philo pastries with cheese in Greece, spinach pies in Croatia, Pastel de Natas in Portugal (our new recent fav), and breadsticks in Czech. There’s nothing better! 

Favorite Travel Experience

Our most amazing trip as a family was to Croatia. We were sick of the winter in Czech (visiting for the holidays during COVID) and decided one day just to leave and explore Croatia for a month at the end of October. Spending time there in the off seasons with amazing Airbnb hosts was the best. We learned how to cook local fish, even went swimming on the occasional extra warm day, and took lots of walks and bike rides along the coastline. The pace of life was slow, rejuvenating, and just what we needed. 

Where Have You Lived?

JayDee has primarily lived in Billings, MT and Reno, NV. But also spent extended time in Alaska, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Portugal. 

Funny Travel Quirk

I always keep a notepad and pen by my night stand the night before we leave or an big trip. That way I can write down anything forgot in the middle of the night and remember to grab it in the morning. 

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