Best Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers

In this post we are going to be discussing what Pinterest group boards actually are, why they are awesome for getting your content out there and how to join them. Oh, and we’re also sharing our top 50 Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers so you can just click-through the links and get joining!

What Are Pinterest Group Boards?

A group board works like any regular Pinterest board, the only difference being that multiple people can pin content to it. The person who created the board owns it and they can add others to join. To identify whether a board is a personal board or a group board simply look at the board icon, if multiple profiles are present it’s a group board – simple!

Also, just to clear up any confusion, Pinterest group boards sometimes go by other names. So if you hear the terms; shared boards, contributor boards, collaborative boards or community boards don’t worry, they are all the same thing.

What’s The Advantage of Pinterest Group Boards?

The major benefit of Pinterest group boards is that the content you pin will reach a far wider audience than just your followers. This is because it is also reaches all the other contributor’s followers as well. The more eyes on your pins, the more chance you’ll have of re-pins and click throughs to your website, hence increasing your traffic.

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Because group boards are generally curated around a specific niche and the content is monitored by the owner and irrelevant and/or unattractive pins removed, they are excellent resources for repinning other people’s quality content to your other boards.

From a business perspective, creating your own group boards also creates excellent networking opportunities and if you have a particular niche board will build up your authority as as a thought leader on a particular subject. For example the main focus of GoatsOnTheRoad’s blog is to enable people to earn money on the road and live a life of fulltime travel. Therefore, their Pinterest group board ‘Turn Travel Into A Lifestyle’ is all about that.

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How Do I Join Group Boards?

Depending on the settings of the individual group board, you will either need to secure an invite from the owner or one of the other contributors. When you are in the board, the board owner will always be the most left profile picture.

Each group board will usually have joining instructions in the board description, which will typically be things like follow the owner profile and direct message them through Pinterest or sometimes an email will be provided instead. If there are no instructions the owner is probably not looking for contributors at that time but if you really want to join there is no harm in sending them a quick message.

To send a direct message in Pinterest click on the icon with 3 dots on your Pinterest toolbar and go into your inbox. This is where your invites to group boards will also come in. Once you accept the invite, it will be added to your profile along with all your other boards.

Whether you are requesting an invite by sending a direct message or an email, you just want to go with a quick greeting, the name of the board you want to join, the link to your Pinterest account and also the email associated with your Pinterest account (i.e. the one you use to sign in). For example:

Hey _____!

Could we please be added to your ________________ Pinterest group board?

We’d love to contribute!

It’s or the associated email is

Thanks so much!

Always read the group board rules before you request to join and follow them once you are a member, as you risk being removed from the group board if you pin irrelevant content, or too many pins at once, for example.

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The Best Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers

There are four things that you want to look out for when joining group boards:

  • It is directly related to your blog niche
  • Has a good number of followers
  • Has a good number of contributors
  • The pins in the group have high repin rates

There is an awesome tool called which has a clickable list of group boards that you can filter by niche. However, to save you even doing that while you are just getting started on Pinterest, here is a list of our top 50 favourite Pinterest group boards for travel bloggers.

  1. Always Travel | Tips & Guides
  2. We Travel We Blog
  3. Exciting Destinations
  4. Travel Bloggers Tell All
  5. I Love Travel Blogging
  6. Travel | Blog | Love
  7. Mappin Monday
  8. Backpacker Wanderlust
  9. Itineraries & Travel Guides
  10. Inspiring Travel(ler)s
  11. Things to do in…
  12. Travel Bloggers Unite
  13. Explore The World
  14. Travel Inspiration!
  15. Travel Guides From The Pros
  16. Travel the World
  17. The Best from Traveling Couples
  18. Travel Blogger Posts
  19. Adventure Travel Tips
  20. **Travel Advice From The Pros**
  21. Expat Chat
  22. travel blogging
  23. Travel Inspiration Wow!
  24. World of Wanderlust
  25. Travel Pinspiration
  26. Budget Travel Tips
  27. World Food
  28. Travel!
  29. Caribbean Travel Collective
  30. *Top Bloggers Share Their Posts*
  31. Your Travel Blog
  32. Drifters Unite – Travel Bloggers
  33. World Places To Stay Wow!
  34. A Traveller’s Guide To Globetrotting
  35. Travel, Books & Food – Wanderlust Board
  36. Hiking, Outdoor Adventures & Activities
  37. All Things Travel
  38. Travel Inspiration
  39. Happy Jetlagging! Travel the World
  40. Travel in Europe
  41. Best of Travel Blogs | Group Board For Travel Bloggers
  43. Travel Addicts
  44. Passport Collective Travel Community
  45. Travel the World!
  46. Central Asia Travel
  47. Blogging Passion!
  48. Budget Travel Tips From The Experts
  50. Live and Work Abroad



Compared with our other social media referrals, the proportion of website traffic we get from Pinterest is by far the biggest at nearly 70%. If you’re wanting to make a success of your travel blog you really can’t afford to be ignoring this social platform. So, get joining these group boards!

Let us know in the comments if you find any other favourite Pinterest group boards.

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Written by

James McAlister

James & Sarah, of TheWholeWorldOrNothing, are full time budget backpackers and part time thrill seekers. They love seeking out delicious street food, taking on exciting adventure hikes and drinking a nice cold beer while watching a sunset.

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