We’ve spent over 3 years in total travelling around Asia and we consider it to be our favourite continent on Earth (so far). The people here are friendly, you almost always feel safe and the landscapes offer everything from grasslands and beaches to mountains and waterfalls. Asia is everything you hoped for and more.

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Where To Eat On A Budget In Hong Kong

Budget Backpacking in Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong during a dramatic lightning shower that caused a little bit of turbulence in the aircraft. The dense fog and rain seemed like they would never part but then we finally dipped below the  grey storm cloud we were rewarded with fantastic views of the Hong Kong skyline. We landed on ...
Where To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Resting Between Travel Days

The flight from Clark in the Philippines to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was one of the most turbulent we’ve ever had!  Other than that, it was pretty uneventful.  We arrived in the city we know and love in the afternoon, took the bus into town, then the metro train to the area we stay in, ...
The Philippines For Budget Backpackers

The Underground River in The Philippines – A New Natural Wonder Of The World

We ended up spending 14 glorious days in El Nido and didn’t see a drop of rain. The weather was spectacular, the sunsets extraordinary, the diving and snorkelling exceptional, and the local rum was delicious! It was a perfect little town. There wasn’t too much development, it wasn’t overrun with tourists, the locals were friendly ...
Where To Stay In El Nido On A Budget

El Nido, Philippines – Sunshine and Island Hopping, This Is The Life!

After Port Barton we headed up to El Nido, another beautiful beach town famous for its massive limestone karsts that erupt from the sea like enormous green daggers. We checked into our accommodation, and even though it wasn’t a Palawan resort, we still loved our little cottage. Set amongst the stunning cliffs that made El Nido ...
Where To Eat In Port Barton

Port Barton, Philippines – The Beauty Before Development

We took the 6 hour jeepney ride to Port Barton and even though we showed up to the terminal an hour and a half before the scheduled departure time, we managed to only just get the last two seats at the very back of the jeepney next to a couple of caged puppies, and a ...
Where To Eat In Vigan

Puerto Princesa, Philippines – Finally, a Day Of Sunshine!

We flew out of Donsol back to Manila and we were lucky once again. Many flights had been cancelled in the past few days due to the weather, but the clouds cleared the day we left (go figure) and we flew out of Donsol under the only sunshine we had seen in 8 days. We ...