South America

From the humid jungles of the north to the dry landscapes of the south, this continent has it all. Whether you’re interested in the great outdoors, dining on world-class food, or chillin’ out on a beautiful beach, you will find it in South America. Brush up on your Spanish and Portuguese, pack your hiking boots and get ready for a wild ride.

planning a trip to colombia

10 Things to Know When Planning a Trip to Colombia

Colombia is a hot topic lately, for all the right reasons! The Lonely Planet has recently listed this South American country as a must-see for 2017; the recent peace agreement with the FARC (guerrilla group) is all over the news; and us Goats have been talking (raving) about our trip to Colombia non-stop. We spent ...
travel colombia hiking the ciudad perdida trek in colombia

The Lost City Trek – Hiking to Ciudad Perdida in Colombia

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. – Jerry Dunn   “What do you mean we can’t use the bridge? The river is too dangerous to cross and we’re freezing!” There we were, 15 trekkers and our 2 guides arguing with a troll who was blocking the bridge. The rains were torrential, the thunder was deafening ...
san gil adventure

Our Trip to San Gil, Colombia: An Adventurer’s Dream Destination

San Gil wasn’t always on our Colombian itinerary. In fact, it wasn’t until we were in Salento that we heard about the city and all of the adventure sports on offer there. We’re big on adventure, but not extreme sports like whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, etc. We’re more about camping, caving and trekking! ...
travel to bogota colombia

The Big City of Bogotá – Our Visit to The Colombian Capital

“No dar papaya!” This was a term that we heard many times during our two-day stay in Bogotá. “No dar papaya” is a common saying in all of Colombia, and it directly translates to: “Don’t give papaya”. You’re probably wondering why you can’t share a delicious fruit with someone, but in the case of Colombia, what ...
travel colombia la serrana hostel

La Serrana in Salento, Colombia: Our Favourite Hostel!

We’ve stayed in some amazing hostels during our eight years of travel, but none can compare to the incredible place that we recently just stayed: La Serrana Eco-Farm and Hostel in the coffee region of Salento, Colombia. In our opinion, if you don’t stay here, you’re missing out! Note: We weren’t paid to write this ...
relaxing in salento colombias coffee region

Relaxing in Salento: A Highlight of Colombia’s Coffee Region

As coffee lovers, it was a no-brainer that Salento in the Quindío region of Colombia should be firmly planted on our Colombian itinerary. After one week in the bustling city of Medellín, we were ready for some peace & quiet in the mountains, and Salento sounded like it would hit the mark! This was our first bus journey in ...