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Last week we gave you the virtual tour of our lake front casita, and this week we take you into the town of Santa Cruz to show you around. The walk from our house to town is lovely and the village is delightfully Guatemalan. Come with us and check it out!

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GoatLife TV Episode 32 – Introducing Santa Cruz on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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10 thoughts on “GoatLife TV Episode 32 – Introducing Santa Cruz on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  1. Loved the beautiful walk along the shoreline and hearing the natural sounds. And the quaint village, looked like buenas tardes with the dogs sleeping.
    Thank you for the fabulous current information! Lake Atitlan is being touted this year as a top Retirement spot. With many dead fish, and the lake steadily rising, I would say no. Sad to hear.
    Living on a caldera with the surrounding volcanos is Beautiful though! Didn’t you stay at another caldera years ago?
    Thanks for sharing,:)

    1. Thanks! The walk is lovely. Even though we’re not interested in swimming, other villages around the lake are known for being good spots (San Marcos in particular), we’ll show you guys around there in the weeks to come 🙂

      Yes, we were in a caldera before in Indonesia! Good memory.


  2. I find the video quite stupid. It shows no serious interaction to locals or consideration of the local situation, more or less just the backpacking-like consumption . I know people there are pretty poor and struggle with their conditions they live with. We show them a superficial easy going enough money western lifestyle and how we have grown up in a superprotected environment, not realizing what is live outside of this.
    Sorry guys for my criticism

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Our interaction with locals comes mostly off camera and this video is not meant to be a documentary on poverty, it’s a weekly episode of our daily lives which aims to show people a bit of the area if they plan to travel / live here (as we do). We’re actually trying to promote one of the most helpful organizations on the Lake, while showing a bit of the beautiful scenery in this area. “I found this video quite stupid”. Sounds like you’re just another angry internet commenter out to bash people for no reason. Don’t know why you decide to spend your time that way, but we have no further thoughts to your random and unwarranted negativity.

  3. Thanks guys, I am looking at these video’s from Kathmandu/Nepal. I am a dutch citizen,permanent resident of the USA and
    want to live abroad. I am thinking of sharing time between Asia and central america. I have never been in central america,but have loved the video’s I have seen on the internet about Lake Atitlan. Too much tourist development is questionable for me ,but relative safety important. Would there be sufficient to do when one lives there? A vacation is one thing; living is another. I love mountains, water, hiking, social activities. ( I do have a goat farm in Nepal and help some kids)
    Thanks for the information and your video’s.

    1. Hi Ellen,

      We spent about 2 months on Lake Atitlan and we loved it. There are villages to explore, lots of volunteer projects you can help out with, walking (some spots dangerous though), and other amenities.

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