7 Best Beaches in Grenada: A Travel Guide

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Grenada is blessed with beautiful beaches, many of which are blissfully devoid of people. You can literally have the best Grenada beaches all to yourself!

All of the beaches on the island are public, and with over 45 of them dotting the coastline, you’ll definitely find a beach to suit your style. There are numerous things to do in Grenada, but naturally, visiting a beach is a highlight of any trip to the Island of Spice.

In this guide, I’ll share some of the top beaches in Grenada, in no particular order.

We’ve revisited all of these Grenada beaches recently and this article has been updated in December, 2019. I’ve included new bars and restaurants on the beach (where applicable), changed the rating of various hotels and removed some (where applicable), and added any new activities that can be done on each beach. Enjoy!

1. Grand Anse Beach (definitely one of the best beaches in Grenada)

  • Location: Southwest, St. George’s Parish, Grand Anse Area
  • Water: Clear, Calm, Safe for Swimming, Caribbean Sea
  • Sand: White, Soft
  • Activities: Snorkelling, Kayaking, SUP, Sailing, Swimming, Eating, Drinking, Chilling

Let’s start with the star of Grenada’s sandy stretches. This is the main beach on the island, and the most popular. At over 3 kilometers long and lined with almond trees, this is a hotspot for both locals and foreigners.

The water here is safe for swimming and it gets deep fairly fast, meaning you don’t have to go out too far before you’re submerged in cool water.

For activities, you can go scuba diving or snorkelling, rent a kayak, drink rum at one of the beach bars, or just chill out on your towel. We recommend scuba diving and snorkelling with Dive Grenada. You can check out the reviews on TripAdvisor and our review of the dive center, here

After enjoying the day at one of the best beaches in Grenada, grab yourself a drink and some food at one of the many restaurants and bars lining the beach. Check out Umbrellas Beach Bar, 61 West, Savvy Beach Cabana (which is a part of Mount Cinnamon Grenada), Esther’s Bar and Coconut Beach Restaurant.

Looking for a hotel on Grand Anse Beach?

Coyaba Beach Resort
This best beaches in grenada stay at coyaba beach resort on grand anse beachbeach resort is located directly on Grand Anse Beach! The grounds are lush and green, the staff is friendly, and the reviews here are very positive. You really cannot beat this location. Rating from Booking.com: “Superb” 9.3 / 10

Click here to learn more & to compare prices.

Mount Cinnamon Resort
Thisthe best beach in grenada grand anse stay at mount cinnamon beach resort is located on a cliff overlooking one of the top Grenada beaches, Grand Anse. The view and breeze from here are lovely. Just a quick walk down a path will bring you to the private beachside area with lounge chairs. A pool, tennis court and kayaks are available for guest’s use. An onsite scuba and snorkel center is attached as well.

Check out our review of Mount Cinnamon here. Rating from Booking.com: “Fabulous” 8.9 / 10

Click here to learn more & to compare prices.

2. La Sagesse Beach

  • Location: Southeast, St. David’s Parish
  • Water: Typically Clear (unless it’s raining), Safe, Usually Calm, Atlantic Ocean
  • Sand: Very Fine, Soft, Golden
  • Activities: Relaxing, Swimming, Kayaking and Boogie Boarding (depending on waves)

La Sagesse Beach is located in a beautiful, protected cove. The water here is very clear and the sand is impossibly soft! There is only one hotel with an attached restaurant on this beach, so you will find lots of peace and quiet here.

When you think of what the beaches in Grenada would look like, palm trees and sandy shores probably comes to mind. While many of Grenada’s beaches lost their palm trees during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, La Sagesse was able to retain many of them.

The beach is backed by palm trees, and there is a freshwater river connecting to the sea — if there has been a lot of rain, the muddy river water will make the sea a bit cloudier.

On the weekends, there are many Grenadians here enjoying the beach with their friends and families. Beach chairs and kayaks are available to rent and the food at the restaurant is very good.

Looking for a hotel on La Sagesse Beach? There is 1 option!

La Sagesse Hotel, Restaurant & Beach Bar
 best beaches in grenada la sagesseLa Sagesse is the only hotel located on the beach with the same name. This is a great hotel for those looking for a peaceful, serene getaway. The hotel is small and the staff are friendly. Kayaks, boogie boards, and lounge chairs are provided complimentary to guests. TripAdvisor gives a rating of 4.5 / 5 stars.

Click here to learn more & to compare prices.

3. Magazine Beach

  • Location: South, St. George’s Parish
  • Water: Clear, Turquoise, Safe for Swimming
  • Sand: White, Soft
  • Activities: Swimming, Snorkelling, Dining, Relaxing

Magazine Beach is one of the best beaches in Grenada for Snorkelling. This beach is located close to the airport and is not only good for snorkelling but swimming as well.

There are boulders at the far end of the bay near the Aquarium Restaurant to the south, and to the north of the beach is the Grenadian by Rex Resorts. (Update 2019: The Grenadian by Rex Resorts has been sold and completion of the rebuild by The Royalton is set for March 2020).

This beach is always quiet. Bring a picnic lunch unless you’re wanting to splurge — the Aquarium Restaurant is a bit expensive (except for the Sunday afternoon BBQ!). Magazine Beach is a great place to spend the afternoon…or longer.

the best beaches in grenada magazine beach
Gorgeous Magazine Beach – a great place for a stroll

Looking for a hotel Magazine Beach? There are two options:

Royalton Grenada
Located at the northern end of Magazine Beach, the Royalton is a chain of luxury resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. This new, all-inclusive resort is set to open March, 2020.

Click here to learn more and to compare prices.

Maca Bana Villas
Located at thethe best beach in grenada magazine beach maca bana grenada southern end of Magazine Beach, high on the cliff, Maca Bana sure knows luxury! Each villa has air conditioning, a private balcony and a full kitchen. With such incredible views, you may never want to leave your room. Booking.com rating: “Superb” 9.2 / 10

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4. Morne Rouge Beach (BBC Beach)

  • Location: South / Southwest, St. George’s Parish
  • Water: Glass-Calm, Clear, Safe for Swimming
  • Sand: Soft, White
  • Activities: Drink at Plywood Bar, Kayak, Swim, SUP

This beach is arguably as nice as Grand Anse Beach, which is its neighbour to the north. Morne Rouge is called BBC Beach by the locals, so if you’re asking for directions, ask for BBC! You can easily walk here from the Grand Anse area.

This bay offers very calm, shallow water in a protected cove. We’ve only seen waves here once in 3 years, and that was during a storm surge.

There are lounge chairs available for rent, and three bars / small restaurants. This is one of the best beaches in Grenada if you want to enjoy a relaxed day at the beach.

best beach in grenada morne rouge
A perfectly calm day at Morne Rouge Beach

Looking for a hotel on Morne Rouge Beach?

Kalinago Beach Resort
Locatedbest beaches in grenada morne rouge hotel directly on Morne Rouge Beach you’ll find this beach resort. There are 29 beachfront rooms and an outdoor pool with a swim-up bar. Here you can speak to locals about the traditions of Grenada, and learn about the history of the island. TripAdvisor rating: 4 / 5 stars.

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5. Petit Bacolet Bay

  • Location: South / Southeast, St. David’s, Westerhall
  • Water: Clear, Sometimes Wavy, Safe
  • Sand: Black, Soft, Fine
  • Activities: Swim, Fish, Suntan, Walk

This beach is basically unknown. We’ve been here about seven times and have only ever seen two fishermen. The property backing the beach has recently been bought up and turned into sugar cane plantations, and the jungle access has now been declared “Private Property”.

So, the way to get to this beach is from neighbouring Grenada Marine/Laura’s Restaurant. There is a walk that will take you over the point from the bay at the marina/restaurant, which will bring you to the next beach over.

We’ve dubbed it “Driftwood Beach” because there are loads of incredible pieces of washed-up wood on the sand.

best beaches in grenada petit bacolet bay
Can you see why we call it Driftwood Beach?

There is literally nothing on the beach so make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and food. Depending on which time of day you arrive, there will be some shade as well. Due to its black colour, the sand (and sea) here can get quite warm.

The water is usually wavy, but we have never seen or experienced any currents or riptides, just safe waves. Still, don’t venture out farther than you can stand.

best beaches in grenada petit bacolet bay
Does anyone know what this might be?!

At the far northern end of the beach, there is some sort of ruin built into the cliff – check it out.

6. Hog Island

  • Location: Offshore, South, Lower Woburn Area
  • Water: Shallow, Clear, Safe
  • Sand: White, Soft
  • Activities: Swimming, BBQ, Hiking

Hog Island is an excellent place to spend the day. There is no development on the island except for a small rum shack/bar owned by Roger, called Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar. On the weekends, there is a BBQ here, and after 5:00pm on weekdays, beers and other drinks are for sale.

best beaches in grenada hog island

The island is a popular mooring area for sailboats, so naturally, the beach will typically have yachties and sailors hanging out on it. Weekends are the busiest because some of the boat tours stop off at Hog Island around 1:30pm and stay for a couple of hours.

It’s best to visit on a weekday if you have the option.

To get here, take a boat from around the Whisper Cove area, or ask around at Nimrod’s bar in Lower Woburn. If you would rather arrive by vehicle, you can drive a very bumpy dirt road from the Grand Anse Valley area (which has a Mt. Hartman Dove billboard at the entrance) until you arrive at the bridge connecting the island to the mainland. From here, you must walk in.

Our two favourite options are to sail here from Port Louis Marina with Savvy Sailing, or to walk here along the path from Secret Harbour Marina (which is quite hot during the day, so make sure you leave early). Click here to read our review article from our time aboard the Savvy.

best beach in grenada hog island
Relaxing in front of Rogers Bar

Hiking up and over the island offers fantastic views of Calivingy Island and of the sea…make sure to go for a walk, the interior of the island is beautiful, and the shoreline offers mangroves and bird sightings. Hog Island offers one of the best Grenada beaches for “liming”.

7. Levera Beach

  • Location: North in Sauteurs 
  • Water: Clear, Wavy, No Swimming
  • Sand: Golden
  • Activities: Picnic, Turtle Watching, Walking

Levera Beach is located at the Northern part of the island. This is a beautiful, natural spot which is great for stopping off for a picnic on the beach. There is usually a security guard here, so although the beach may be secluded, it’s a safe place. Regardless, never leave any valuables in your car, and lock the doors.

From April 1st – June 30th, Leatherback Turtles can be seen coming up on shore to lay their eggs in the sand! This is a spectacle you won’t want to miss. The best time to see the turtles nesting is at night and with a local guide. Or, if you can volunteer with the Leatherback Turtles.

best beaches in grenada lavera beach
Picnic spot at Levera Beach looking across to Sugarloaf Island

Just nearby is the Levera National Park where you can go for a nice walk through the mangroves, spot some birds, and check out the Levera Pond as well. Offshore are the islands of Sugarloaf, Green and Sandy, and on a clear day, you can spot Carriacou Island. Swimming is not recommended here due to undertow and currents.

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best beach in grenada levera
From above: Levera Pond and Beach, plus SugarLoaf, Green and Sandy Islands

Looking for a hotel near Levera Beach?

Petit Anse Hotel
This hotel iswhere to stay at levera beach in grenada located near the city of Sauters at the northern end of the island, and around 3 kilometers from Levera Beach. This is a great place to stay, especially if you want to see the turtles nesting at night. At the hotel, you’ll find a beautiful beach, a pool, a restaurant and a gym. Booking.com Rating: “Superb” 9.0/10

Click here to learn more and to compare prices.

Pack Your Bathing Suit!

Grenada beaches are unlike anywhere else in the world. The island’s jagged coastline offers wonderfully secluded stretches of sand. Many of the beaches here are backed by lush greenery and are surrounded by rocky points. Some of the beaches are easily accessible, while others you need to go on a bit of an adventure to find.

This list was in no way an extensive breakdown of the best beaches in Grenada — I had to keep some of my favourite spots a secret! Come to the Isle of Spice and discover your own private plot of sand, there are many coves and beaches just waiting to be found.

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  2. The ruin on Petit Bacolet Beach is a lime kiln used in the manufacture of white lime for building during the colonial period.

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