10 Best Airbnbs in Campeche, Mexico

Campeche will always be one of my favourite cities in Mexico for its picture-perfect, multi-coloured buildings, rich colonial history, and the friendliest people you could encounter. There are many gorgeous Airbnbs in Campeche, ranging from simple Mexican-style rooms, to modern and luxurious lofts with incredible views.

Choose an accommodation set inside a historic building to get the most authentic colonial feel, and take advantage of all the fun things there are to do in and around Campeche.

Aerial view of Campeche with a coastal view from above.

It’s no wonder I spent a month in this quirky little town, enjoying some delicious food, fascinating history, and good company. I can’t wait to return someday to explore even more of the surroundings – it really is one of the top places to see in Mexico

Here are the 10 best Airbnbs in Campeche.

1. Beautiful Little Airbnb in Campeche’s Historical Heart

This little Airbnb inside the walled historical centre is ideally located, especially if it’s your first time in Campeche and you want to get some impressions of the gorgeous city without walking too far. The cathedral, for example, is barely a five-minute walk away.

The rooms are simple yet charming thanks to the beautiful wooden window frames, ancient doors, original roof beams, and gorgeous art deco furniture.

A Campeche vacation rental with a color yellow interior.

It comes with everything you would need for both a short or long stay, i.e. kitchen amenities like an oven, microwave, and coffee machine, air-conditioning, (quite crucial in this tropical heat), and WiFi.

While it’s meant for two people, accommodating an extra person on the hammock is possible – but that’s maybe not the most comfortable way to sleep if you’re staying for a while.

One of my favourite cafes is only two blocks away: Chocol-Ha serves good coffee, tasty bocadillos, sweet crepes, and most notably, the best hot chocolates you will ever have!

If you arrive by car, it’s possible to park in the street right in front of the studio. Learn more about this Airbnb.

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2. Lovely House With Refreshing Patio

Here’s another lovely house close to the famous and picturesque Calle 59.

This one is especially gorgeous thanks to its intimate backyard, complete with a beautiful pool. The house, located in a safe neighbourhood, comes with one bedroom with a king-size bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and a TV with Netflix, (not that’ll you need it!).

A colonial interior design bedroom and a terrace with pool.

Everything is private as you rent the entire house, and it’s an excellent value for money. Campeche’s major attractions are close to this Airbnb, and you won’t need a car to visit them.

People especially like the attention to detail in the decoration and the proximity of excellent restaurants and eateries close by.

Don’t miss the coffee shop Origen, a stone’s throw away from this Airbnb option, that serves excellent coffee with delicious baked goods. Find out more about this Campeche Airbnb and book here.

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3. Modern, Spacious And Cosy Apartment

This is another gorgeous Airbnb in Campeche’s centre, but this time with a very different style. Instead of the flashy colours you’re maybe used to seeing in Mexico, and especially in Campeche, this apartment is for those who appreciate a more sober and subtle interior of light beige and nude tones.

The design is relatively modern, with a few more traditional touches such as macramé decorations.

There’s a big terrace with just the right amount of cosiness thanks to fairy lights and painted cacti on the walls – perfect for a relaxing evening.

A subtle interior of light beige and nude tones in a spacious apartment.

The location is perfect as it’s a twenty-minute walk to Campeche’s famous Calle 59, and if you plan on trying the best churros in town, the Churrería El Jarocho is barely five minutes away.

Netflix, Disney+ and various other channels are available, but with so much to do in Campeche, I don’t think you’ll need these, particularly on a short vacation stay.

Granted, it’s nice to have, should you come to Campeche for a work-travel holiday, or if the weather is bad and you feel like staying inside.

View this apartment on Airbnb.

4. Gorgeous Home With Jacuzzi: Casa Nicté

Here’s a particularly beautiful place to stay in Campeche. Set inside an 18th-century house, the name “Nicté” comes from the Mayan dialect and means “flowers” – a recurrent pattern in the place’s decoration.

It’s located inside Campeche’s fortress walls and only two blocks away from the Baluarte San Pedro, which is certainly worth a visit.

A gorgeous two-bedroom apartment with contrasting tiled flooring and high ceilings with wooden beams with a jacuzzi outside.

A gorgeous two-bedroom apartment with contrasting tiled flooring and high ceilings with wooden beams. The most exciting features? Two outdoor spaces consisting of a courtyard with relaxing chairs, and another with an outdoor jacuzzi.

If that’s not enough, try having a nap in one of the comfortable hammocks. The modern kitchen is fully equipped and has extra amenities such as a smoothie and popcorn maker – corn is included!

You’ll find the most comfortable and convenient bedrooms thanks to memory foam mattresses, and USB ports on every plug socket.

There’s thankfully air-conditioning in this Airbnb, and they even thought of adding a steam iron, just in case.

The house comes with two bikes which guests are free to use to explore the city.

Special mention of the solar panels they use to heat the water and thus minimise their ecological footprint.

Add to all of the above, super friendly and helpful hosts who go out of their way to accommodate and make you feel welcome. It’s the perfect total package.

It’s a bit pricier than average for Campeche, but it’s undoubtedly worth the cost. Check out this gorgeous Airbnb here.

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5. All Natural Feel House

If you like natural concrete, nude tones, and a minimalistic interior, this little historical house is for you.

Here’s another Airbnb that’s very close to the main square and the cathedral, and at the same time only 10 minutes by foot from the bay of Campeche. It’s located on the first floor of a building with a gorgeous stone-framed entrance.

The hosts are a charming French-Mexican couple who will attend to your every need, and if this rental unit isn’t available, their loft downstairs in the same style might be. They even provide breakfast.

Living room with a natural concrete interior with a nude tones and a minimalistic interior with a center table and some wooden chairs..

The only thing shared between both apartments is the lobby, so you’ll still have total privacy once inside.

Parking spots are generally available right in front of the house, and you probably won’t need a car as there are plenty of excellent restaurants only a few blocks away.

If you ever get tired of Mexican food, I recommend a great Italian restaurant called Scatolla 59, about five minutes from the Airbnb. Find out more about this lovely natural house.

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6. Casa Boutique Onelia

If you’re looking to stay close to Campeche’s main attractions, in the middle of my favourite street, Calle 59, but are concerned you might need earplugs to sleep, here’s a boutique Airbnb with two soundproof bedrooms, amongst many other features.

This house with a gorgeous bright blue facade has stunning floors and magnificent traditional mosaics everywhere.

It has space for up to six guests, includes a spacious kitchen and living room, and has two separate bathrooms which is ideal if you’re travelling as a group and need more privacy.

House with a gorgeous bright blue facade has stunning floors and magnificent traditional mosaics and a pool outside.

The courtyard has a roofed terrace, so even when it’s pouring down, but it’s still hot, you can sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the rain during dinner.

Casa Onelia is ideally located, with restaurants and cafes in the same vicinity, between two of the highlights in Campeche: the Puerta de Mar and the Puerta de Tierra.

Regarding the size of the house, the price is quite reasonable. It’s the perfect accommodation for a family or a group of friends.

See more detailed information on this Airbnb here.

7. Sanromanera, a Beachfront Oasis

If you like colours and lots of space, this gorgeous house that can accommodate about ten people is the perfect choice.

This Airbnb is located along the beachfront but isn’t far, (about a 20 min walk), from the historic centre of Campeche. It’s close to the famous malecón, (the seafront boulevard), with its restaurants and bars, but there are also little panaderías for your breakfast wishes, or food trucks if you want to enjoy delicious local Mexican food at home.

A house with a vibrant interior colors and decorative details.

On the days it feels too hot to eat, get some refreshing ice cream at one of the best heladerías in town, the Artehelado Malecón, a few blocks from the house.

It seems like the house was decorated with the general vibe of Campeche in mind, with vibrant colours and decorative details, without being overloaded.

There are three bedrooms in total, and two share a bathroom upstairs. The third room lies a little apart from the others in the garden and has its own big bathroom. Plus, this one is surrounded by beautiful old tamarind trees that offer a bit of shade on scorching days.

The garden is a well-maintained jungle of Mexican flora, with a quirky “pool-lane” traversing its midst. Whilst it looks a little strange, the pool is 20 meters long, and 1.6 meters deep in some parts, so you can easily do a few laps in the morning to wake up.

Bonus points for the fairy lights above the pool – it must be dreamy to dip in the pool at night.

There are parking spaces in the street, subject to availability, but the hosts can also arrange a paid, guarded parking space if needed.

The Airbnb is located in San Román, famous for its statue of a black Christ, the patron saint of Campeche. Guests refer to this Airbnb as “a little piece of paradise in Campeche”. Book this gorgeous house here.

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8. Incredible City Views

If you want views in Campeche and don’t mind sharing an apartment with the owners, look no further because this lovely room with a private bath has them.

Located on a hill, dominating the city and sea-side, this Airbnb comes with a bedroom with big windows to really appreciate the wide-stretched view, a terrace with an outdoor kitchen, and THE perfect yoga spot, (or a spot to sit down and read a book if you’re not so bendy).

A bedroom with big windows in a wide-stretched view and a terrace with an outdoor kitchen.

The hosts are both artists, and gladly welcome you to their home, showing you their work and explaining what and why they create it.

You won’t have a chance to get bored staying here as there are tons of books provided, along with plenty of board games.

There is one downside, though, due to the place being located uphill, it requires quite a few steps to get to the centre of Campeche and back. That being said, the hosts will gladly help you out with anything you need.

Despite the stairs, the Malecón, the historic centre, and bigger shops are about a 15-minute walk from here. Plus, they’re all well-connected to public transportation.

Find more information on the room and the hosts here.

9. A Quiet Getaway Outside of Campeche: Casa Mango

If you don’t mind taking the car to get down to Campeche, especially when travelling long-term, it might be good to get away from the noises, and the crowds by staying in this beautiful villa with a pool, in a community called Chiná.

Chiná is quite small, so you won’t find many restaurants, and certainly no bars or clubs in this village. Though this does make it less crowded and a lot quieter than Campeche. There’s also an excellent bakery called Pastelería Briana Marely for your breakfast wishes.

A lovely living room and a dedicated office space by a big window looking out onto a gorgeous green patio as well as a beautiful swimming pool.

Two tastefully furnished bedrooms, a little kitchen, a lovely living room, and a dedicated office space by a big window looking out onto a gorgeous green patio can all be found here.

The patio is the villa’s highlight, with green palm trees, artistically decorated walls, two roofed dining areas, a barbecue, and even a fish pond, (complete with actual fish!).

Guests have access to two bikes, and even a motorbike when staying in this villa. Given that Campeche’s centre is approximately a 15 minute drive away, the motorbike might be a good option instead of the car for those comfortable riding.

The best part of it? You get the whole villa, (including the garden), to yourself. The only thing shared with other guests is the parking lot. For more information on this villa, click here.

10. For Long-Term Stays: Casa Wander

If you need a place to stay for a bit longer than a few days, this home, about a 10 minute drive from Campeche’s centre, is perfect. It features three comfortable bedrooms, a vast garden area, and a private pool.

You rent the entire house with three bedrooms, and there’s even a little studio that perfectly serves as a working space if you need one. The WiFi is also high-speed and stable; great for those working remotely.

A huge comfortable bedrooms with a color blue and yellow on the wall and a vast garden area with a private pool.

While the host lives in Mérida, his uncle lives close by, and is ready to help if you need anything specific.

There are several shops in the vicinity, so there’s no need to always have to head out for the restaurants or order take-out, and the lot is big enough to accommodate two to three cars.

What’s more, if you’re travelling as a family with kids, the outdoor space with a pool is enormous and completely closed off from the road – no need to worry.

Get more detailed information on the Casa Wander here.

Best Area to Stay in Campeche

Here’s a breakdown of the best areas to stay in Campeche.

Zona Centro

In my opinion, the best area to stay in Campeche is undoubtedly the zona centro.

The old district, still partly enclosed by the ancient walls, holds all of Campeche’s major highlights, such as the cathedral, the famous Calle 59, the Puerta de Mar,Puerta de Tierra, and much more.

It’s also here that you’ll find the widest choice of beautiful Airbnbs, often set inside one of the gorgeous multi-coloured colonial houses that make-up Campeche’s charm.

It’s also the busiest neighbourhood and is home to many restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. Naturally, it’s also the loudest and is often bustling. If you choose one of our pre-selected Airbnbs in Campeche, you should be fine, as they’re usually fairly soundproof.

Barrio de San Román

This area is much quieter, and has more of a mixture of house styles to pick from. It also has an authentic colonial/Mexican vibe with low ceilings and coloured facades.

San Román, the “district of the black Christ”, lies outside of the fortress area and was inhabited mainly by the Aztec people that came with the city’s founder when he conquered Campeche – (the wealthy Spanish colonists obviously chose the much safer houses inside of the walls).

If you happen to be in Campeche between August and September, San Román is the most fantastic area to stay in, as it’s here that the main part of the annual Fiesta del Cristo Negro takes place.

This statue, more than 450 years old and one of the few black Christs in Latin America, has gained so much importance that it ultimately became the patron Saint of the city.

Barrio de Santa Ana

Santa Ana is less known to tourists, but very popular amongst locals. There are also numerous historical buildings to admire, from churches over charming chapels, to colonial houses.

Not only will you find apartments in the style of the zona centro, but you’ll also discover more rural houses that are century-old but very well taken care of.

Santa Ana also has a strategic position thanks to it being close to the zona centro, but without the crowds and noise. This is a perfect area for a long-term stay as there are schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, shops, and many bus stations to keep you connected to every possible city point.

In Conclusion

The advantage of visiting a gorgeous city like Campeche with a rich colonial history, is that you can witness how taking care of the old buildings is incredibly important to the locals, as they form the main touristic asset.

You’ll have no trouble finding beautiful facades that almost look freshly painted everywhere you go, with tasteful furnishing and decorative touches in virtually every single house.

And because the average cost of living in Mexico is lower than in other parts of the world, the prices per night are pretty reasonable. Plus, Airbnb generally offers a discount for extended stays.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the Campechanos are an absolute delight. They are super friendly, welcoming, and open and will always try their best to make your stay memorable.

The Campechanos are also very proud of their city, so Airbnbs in Campeche will always be a good value. I really enjoyed my stay in Campeche, and I’m sure you will as well.

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