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Searching for flavourful culinary delights and sampling unique foods from around the world is definitely one of the best parts about travel. Whether it’s street-food or 5-star cuisine, finding local specialties is a highlight of our travel days!

We’ve put together 10 photos showcasing some interesting and flavourful foods from around the globe. 

1. Buff Momos in Nepal

This simple snack is one of our favourite dishes in Nepal. Momos are dumplings that are served steamed, or fried with peppers and onions. Our top pick is Buff Momos, which are dumplings stuffed with buffalo meat, but you can also find pork, chicken, yak or vegetable stuffings. buff momos nepal

2. Lagman Soup in Kyrgyzstan

This flavourful, hearty soup is found all over Kyrgyzstan and in variations in other parts of Central Asia and China. In a bowl of Lagman Soup, you’ll typically find sliced mutton meat with stretched noodles, onions, peas, dill and other vegetables covered in a vinegary, and sometimes spicy, broth. Perfect on a cold day.

lagman soup kyrgyzstan

3. Khachapuri in Georgia

This is definitely not the healthiest dish in the world, but it’s a must try! There are variations of this cheese-filled bread, but this one is shaped like a boat and topped with a raw egg and a cube of butter. It’s very rich, but delicious.

georgian food


4. Pita Wrap with Tzatziki in Greece

Pita wraps (gyros) are stuffed with chicken or lamb meat, french fries, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and tzatziki sauce. These make for the perfect lunch, especially when accompanied with a block of feta cheese drizzled with olive oil and oregano & bread with a plate of tzatziki sauce. Yum!

gyro greek food

5. Cold Noodles in China

This was our go-to street side meal when we were living in Yangzhou. Flat egg noodles, shredded cucumber, cilantro, cubes of spongy tofu, sprouts, garlic and peanuts are all mixed together and covered in a soy and chili sauce! The perfect summer meal.

cold noodles china

6. Pad Thai in Thailand  

Probably the most famous dish in the Land of Smiles, and for good reason. Rice noodles are mixed together with egg, tofu, bean sprouts, garlic, peanuts, shredded carrots, chives, fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, red chili pepper, cilantro and finally, your choice of meat! There are so many ingredients in this perfectly balanced sweet, salty and spicy meal.

pad thai thailand

7. Indian Curry in Tajikistan

Ok, so this could (would) also be found in India, but when we were visiting the capital city of Dushanbe, we found the BEST Indian restaurant we’ve ever eaten at. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The owner is from Delhi and the creamy, spicy curries served with buttery tandoor naan bread were absolute perfection.

indian food in dushanbe

8. Tamales in Mexico

Tamales are a corn-based dough stuffed with meat and spices, served any time of the day. We were lucky enough to learn how to make Tamales the Mayan way when we were in Valladolid! After trying many foods in Southern Mexico, we found tamales were one of the most interesting and traditional foods on offer.

tamales mexico

9. Ghormeh Sabzi in Iran

Ghormeh (meaning “stewed”) Sabzi (meaning “greens”) is said to be the national dish of Iran. Made with parsley, leeks, green onions, coriander, dried fenugreek leaves, spinach, beans and turmeric seasoned meat, this dish is complex and delicious! This particular photo is a version we tried in the desert village of Garmeh, with camel meat as the protein.

ghormeh sabzi camel iran

10. Grilled Kebab in Turkey

Kebabs are a very popular meal in Turkey. Ground or cubed pieces of lamb, chicken and beef are seasoned, then grilled to perfection. Kebab meals are typically served with rice, green salad, grilled tomatoes and peppers. A glass of hot, sweet chai (tea) is served at the end of the meal.

food in turkey

Feeling hungry yet?!

These are just some of the many interesting and delicious meals we recommend trying. We love sampling local foods and rarely have we found a dish that we don’t like. Food is such an integral part of our lives and we always look forward to finding the perfect restaurant, and meal, in each country we visit.

Check out Part #2 – it’s even more delicious!

Any of these dishes sound good to you? Have you tried some of these? Tell us below!

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36 thoughts on “10 Must-Try Meals From Around the Globe, Part #1

  1. Pad Thai! Come on…so many better Thai dishes than that one! The rest do look good however.

  2. Can’t wait to try an authentic street tamale when I get down to Mexico in August!

  3. I LOVE dumplings, so cannot wait to try momos in Nepal later this year as well as an authentic indian curry (even if it blows my head off!). Thailand’s curries are great too, and those little chilies they use are incredibly fiery (banana spring rolls and pancakes are not too shabby either). For those of you heading to Australia in the future, you must try an Aussie beef pie and a traditional lamb roast.

  4. I’ve tried them all except 3 and 7… and they’re all delicious!!! I love Indian food, but I have it all the time. The grilled kebab or the Greek pita wrap would be my favourites, but I’ll also never forget my first nourishing taste of Lagman soup in Kyrgyzstan 😀 But then sometimes I crave Thai food…. I simply can’t decide 🙁

  5. I love trying new foods, and reading about food I have yet to try! We just booked tickets to Mexico and are actually staying at Casa Hamaca, so I just might have to sign up for their tamales cooking class!

  6. I Love Tamales. There is one more thing you really have to try on the road tho and that is polish pierogi! hmm…they are delicious! 🙂

  7. Yummy and all so different…..another great excuse to travel……experience the worlds unique foods:)

  8. Yep, both are delicious! Do you prefer your momos steamed or fried?!

    Cheers 🙂

  9. What do you have against Pad Thai?! haha, it’s on the list because it’s my favourite Thai dish, it’s extremely flavourful and incredibly complex. I do LOVE all of the different curries, soups, salads and seafood too though. Thai food is awesome 🙂

  10. Hey Anna! If you love dumplings, then you’ll love momos! Indian curries are so diverse, some of them aren’t spicy, while many are quite hot 🙂 Good to know about the Aussie treats – is an Aussie beef pie similar to a shepard’s pie?

  11. There are too many delicious meals in the world to choose favourites 🙂 You said you haven’t tried #7 but that’s Indian currry…or did you mean that you’ve never tried the Indian curry in Tajikistan?! You sure have experienced many of the world’s unique and traditional foods 🙂

  12. That’s great that you’re staying at Casa Hamaca! We loved our stay at that B&B, the owner is very kind and super knowledgeable. Definitely ask if you can sign up for the tamale course when you get there 🙂


  13. I love perogies!! Although I’ve never had a traditional Polish one. Unfortunately, my perogie experience comes from the bag of frozen ones you buy at the grocery store 🙁 I’d love to go to Poland though and try these traditional dumplings!


  14. Exactly! Before travelling, I didn’t even know most of these meals existed 🙂 Experiencing the cuisines of each country we visit is a big part of why we love to travel.

    Thanks for the comment.

  15. As a big fan of all things that comobine food and travel, I love this post!! The momos from Nepal and the Mexican Tamales probably call out to me the most and a few of these, I’ve had a chance to try in their countries but a lot more from this list I need to sample!

  16. I can’t wait to have momos in Nepal and Pad Thai in Thailand! One of my favourite regional dishes is from your home country – Poutine!

  17. Mmmm… making me hungry! Great list and am embarrassed I’ve only had a few of these (#6, 8). But am hoping this summer to be able to indulge in #4 and #10 and maybe even #3 & #9. Thanks for the foodie inspiration!

  18. Anything food and travel related, sign me up! Glad you enjoyed the list 🙂

  19. Poutine!! Nothing like french fries smothered in gravy and cheese to put a smile on your face 🙂 A great after the bar snack.

    Poutine is something I’ve had maybe 5 times in my whole life, due to obvious reasons! Glad you enjoy a cuisine from Canada, that’s great!

  20. Ooohh, 4, 10, 3 & 9 would be great choices for a trip through that region of the world! Enjoy, they’re great countries filled with fabulous food 🙂

  21. Wow! The Pad Thai looks yummy! When we travel, eating out is one of the best way to know other cultures 😀

  22. Glad to see the unmatchable buff momos featured here. I’ve tried all kinds of momos, but I got severely addicted to the buff variety when I went to Nepal. I think the Lakeside street food vendors in Pokhara still remember me wolfing down plate after plate at all times of the day, a scary picture, considering I’m diminutive and a fish at that. :\

    Great post! Looking forward to my upcoming trip to Turkey and endless kebabs!

  23. haha! A fellow Buff Momo lover 🙂
    Enjoy the kebabs in Turkey, they’re amazing!

  24. It’s a pity you didn’t get to try Uyghur Laghman in Xinjiang! While working in Urumqi there was a laghman restaurant but five minutes from my flat that made at least twenty varieties of laghman to order. After that, often-soggy laghman in Kyrgyzstan is a bit disappointing…
    Next time you go back to China, try the other varieties of LiangPi (cold noodles) too: Inner Mongolia has oatmeal liangpi (addiction delicious and somewhat healthier), Dali, Yunnan has black pigeon pea liangpi, and some stalls in Beijing offer millet liangpi. NiuJinMian (like liangpi, but the noodles look a bit like Swiss cheese) was also one of my Beijing go-to lunches in summer))

  25. Yum!! That sounds amazing 🙂 We did eat Laghman when we were living in Yangzhou because there were the Uyghur people living there. It was so good! We’ve never been to Xinjiang, but would love to visit!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers 🙂

  26. I have learned making some of the food posted by checking Talk to Chef and I have been very grateful to the site since then.

  27. You BET I’m hungry now! Camel and buffalo meat, haha! These all look great, although I have to say pad thai is a bit of an obvious choice for Thailand (my personal favourite is panang curry). I’m slightly jealous you went to some of the ‘stan countries 🙂

  28. I know Pad Thai is obvious, but it’s sooo good! I actually really love massuman curry and green and red curries as well from Thailand 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  29. You guys are cool! Food plays a major role in our travel decisions as well so I can relate to all these posts. The buff momos look interesting. I went to Nepal back in 1997 but I don’t remember having those. 🙁 Pad Thai followed by fried bananas with ice cream overlooking the beach everyday in Koh Samui remains one of my fondest gastronomic travel memories. 🙂

  30. Oh, you’ll have to go back to Nepal then!!! Buff momos were our fave 🙂 Yes, pad thai is also fantastic, same with fried bananas 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. I Tried Tamales in a Mexican Cantina in Las Vegas and they were delicious! Tried lots of different varieties of Khachapuri in Tbilisi, Georgia. Adana Kebab is amazing in Istanbul ! Lagman soup was average though…

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